Electric Mobility Scooters – Where are you allowed to drive them?

Throughout the years, more and more people with mobility or disability issues aren’t thriving fully while using a simple wheelchair to get around. Electric mobility scooters were created as a result to assist such individuals in their daily life.

According to the National Library of Medicine, road mobility scooters have helped the elderly people move around but also has increased the travelling of disabled people as they have a big storage space and a long range to drive long distances with one charge.

However, a large number of people are rather skeptical about getting one because they believe it to be an expensive choice and that it is not a cost-effective vehicle to use. 

To help you decide, this post will cover all you need to know about owning a mobility scooter as well as where to find the best store.

man puts his shopping into the basket on the front of his mobility scooter

What are the main types of Mobility Scooters?

According to Gov.uk, people are not required to get a licence in order to drive small scooters, however you might be required to register it. 

However, only certain types can be considered road legal and be driven on the road. Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs come in 2 categories:

Class 2

  • These are not required by the law to be driven on the road (Except where there is not a pavement) and do reach a maximum speed of only 4 miles per hour

Class 3

  • These are considered road legal and have a maximum of 4 miles per hour off the road and 8 on the road.
  • Furthermore, it is required by law to be fitted with lights and indicators and to be registered with the Driving licence by the government of the UK.

It is important to clarify that class 2 mobility scooters do not require any registration.

Where can you drive your road mobility scooter?

In the UK, it is stated by the government that the only mobility scooters you can drive on the road are the ones that are categorised as a class 3.

By having a class 3, you must avoid driving IN bus lanes, “Cycle only” lanes or the motorways as you are not allowed to do so.

Furthermore, you should avoid using dual carriageways with a speed limit of over 50 Mph.

What are the Rules for Class 3 mobility scooters?

  • A maximum speed of 8 mph onroad
  • A maximum speed of 4 mph offroad
  • An efficient braking system
  • A maximum width of 0.85 metres
  • A rear view mirror
  • An amber flashing light in case it is used on a dual carriageway
  • A horn
  • Indicators that can be used as hazard warning signals
  • A maximum unladen weight of 150 kilograms

Are you allowed to drive them in shops and stores?

Even though some stores might allow the use of a lightweight mobility scooter, most shops do not allow it and they might offer a wheelchair to help you do your shopping. 

Where can you buy one?

At Multicare Mobility, we offer all kinds of walking aids including mobility scooters for sale. We are aiming on achieving the best service possible by providing you with a specialist team to meet all of your requirements. For further inquiries, contact us on 0808 239 8756 or get a free quote now

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