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Fully-refurbished reconditioned stairlifts from £995

At Multicare Mobility we pride ourselves in offering the highest level of quality when it comes to our stairlifts, stairlift installation and other mobility aids; and this includes our range of second hand stairlifts.

You can find a number of great value prices and deals on our fully-reconditioned used stairlifts, as refurbished second hand stairlifts are usually a cheaper option to buying a brand new stairlift, and you can also trade in your used stairlift if you not longer require it or want a discount for a new one.

Each stairlift we receive is fully checked and completely refurbished by our stairlift engineers, with every reconditioned stairlift coming with a 12-month guarantee.

There are a range of brands available that we have refurbished including Handicare, Platinum, Acorn/Brooks and Access BDD. You can find fully-refurbished used stairlifts across our full range of stairlifts, from straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, narrow stairlifts and heavy duty stairlifts.

High-standard Second Hand Stairlifts

Every used stairlift we receive is first thoroughly inspected by one of our highly-experienced stairlift engineers, and it’s then refurbished to the highest standards in terms of appearance, functionality and safety.

After refurbishment is complete, it’s then tested to ensure it works exactly as intended, ensuring it lives up to our high levels of quality control and operates smoothly and safely.

Once a used stairlift passes our checks, it’s ready to be installed in your home. Because it’s ready to go, this can help to reduce time in the installation process, as a stairlift doesn’t need to be constructed from new.

Every stairlift we refurbish comes with a 12-month guarantee, ensuring you have as much protection with a used stairlift as you would a new model. If you have a question about any of our second hand stairlifts you can contact our team of stairlift experts on 0808 239 8756.

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The Benefits of Reconditioned Stairlifts

There are a number of benefits to getting a second hand stairlift, if you’re thinking of getting a used stairlift instead of a new one. These include:

Great Value Prices

Reconditioned stairlifts can be considerably cheaper when compared to buying a new stairlift, meaning it’s a great option to consider if you want a high-quality top-of-the-range stairlift but are working to a tight budget. At Multicare Mobility, prices start at £995 for refurbished second hand stairlifts.

Rigorous Testing

Every used stairlift we refurbish is subject to rigorous and thorough testing by our expert stairlift engineers to ensure that every refurbishment has been carried out to the required high standards. Every used stairlift is tested for safety, full functionality and also aesthetics.

A ‘Like New’ Condition

We only take in repairable and refurbishable stairlifts, where we’re confident we can return the used stairlift into a state that’s close to being new. As many stairlifts are constructed to a high standard and haven’t been used for a long amount of time, they will be installed in your home looking and operating like new.

Environmentally Friendly

There are many environmental benefits to buying a second hand stairlift over a new one. The first is preventing a used stairlift going straight to landfill, ensuring it’s given a new lease of life in a new home. It also uses up far fewer material and energy costs to refurbish an existing stairlift than constructing a new one.

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