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Fun & Relaxing Hobbies You Can Learn at Home

baking a cake
Keeping busy when you’re stuck at home can be difficult. The lure of the TV, just too inviting. As lockdown is keeping us at home much more than usual, it can be easy to fall into the same old pattern of waking up and sitting in front of the TV until bedtime. Especially if you’re not occupied with work or chasing after young ones. Many people who have found themselves stuck at home with nothing to do have taken the opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby to help pass the time. From art to architecture, people are finding new interests to keep their minds and bodies active. Below, we’ve listed some of the nation’s favourite lockdown hobbies that are easy to learn and perfect for beginners to help inspire you. 

Painting or Drawing

paintingA great opportunity to get in touch with your arty side. Creating beautiful art through sketching or painting is a wonderful hobby that you get to enjoy long after the hard work is done. Plus, it’s inexpensive and easy to get ...
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Chair Exercises for Staying Active During Lockdown

sitting exercises elderly woman
Exercise plays a big part in our physical and mental wellbeing. Especially now, where we’re confined to our homes, regular exercise can help us stay healthy in both body and mind. So, we’ve put together a list of five sitting exercises you can do at home, from the comfort of a chair. Why not give some a try? 

Why should I exercise?

The NHS recommends that adults spend around 150 minutes a week doing some form of exercise. Even older adults or those with a disability should aim for at least a moderate level of activity every day. There are so many benefits to exercising regularly. By building your strength and fitness, this will help you feel more independent. You’ll also find you have more energy and reduced feelings of fatigue. Overall, it can help improve your health, alleviate existing pain or stiffness and make you less susceptible to illness or injury in future. Exercise can also help combat feelings of stress or low mood, which can be particularly challen...
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How to Avoid Being Scammed

Couple looking at PC after being scammed
A scam can often is defined as a dishonest scheme, with the intention of tricking people out of their money. Whether you know it or not, you will most likely have been the target for a potential scam in the last year. We’ve all seen it before, you receive an email from someone you don’t recognise. Asking you to visit a suspicious site or for you to give out very personal information.  Although you may not believe it, anyone can fall for a scam, no matter how careful you are, we all have off-days. The problem is, many scam artists will tend to target the most vulnerable victims they can identify and specifically look to take advantage of people with a more trusting nature. If you are worried that you could easily become the target of a scam artists con, or perhaps one of your loved ones could, then this article will very briefly outline ways that you can avoid this happening.  To ensure that you avoid becoming the target for any scams in the future, there are ma...
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Accessible City Break in Liverpool

Liverpool has been named one of the UK’s most accessible destinations

Liverpool Wheelchair accessWith numerous iconic attractions, it is not surprising that Liverpool is very popular with tourists. According to Euan’s Guide, Liverpool’s attractions are also some of the most accommodating for disabilities and any accessibility needs. If you have not heard of Euan’s Guide, it is a very handy website set up for disabled users to share reviews and advice on places in the UK. The reviews written about a number of Liverpool’s most popular attractions are very positive. 

Plan Your Liverpool Break

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Affordable Stairlifts Preston

While mobility is the most obvious and essential benefit of getting your hands on stairlifts Preston wide, there can be a lot of appealing factors that you might not have at first considered. If you’re not feeling too convinced, or you’re not happy about needing to install curved or straight stairlifts Preston in your home, why not read on and have a look at some of our favourite benefits of acquiring a top quality mobility solution?For one, installing one of our highly reliable stairlifts Preston ensures that you’ll be remaining in familiar surroundings rather than having to leave your home for somewhere more accessible. You’ll also no doubt appreciate having your independence and freedom retained by being able to move at will, rather than being forced to seek alternate options when stairs become a little too difficult to tackle. Additionally, from a financial perspective, both curved and straight stairlifts Preston are a much cheaper alternative to home conversion! ...
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Stairlifts London

If you find ever yourself in need of something able to make your day-to-day life slightly easier, or you’re having difficulty moving up and down the stairs unassisted, we here at Multicare certainly have the ideal solution. We have the best stairlifts London has to offer, coming in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of individual needs and requirements, and we’re more than willing to listen to what you need in order to give you perfectly tailored stairlifts London-wide.From brand new stairlifts London to pre-used products, Multicare can make sure that you get the stair lift you need. Even if you’re working on a bit of a budget, or your need for extra mobility and assistance is only temporary, we have rental schemes that offer incredible value as well! Coupled with easy payment options, it shouldn’t be hard to see why we’re the first choice for so many people in need of a little help!No matter what kind of stairlifts London that you require, our commitment...
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Refurbished Curved Stairlifts

stairlifts Didsbury
If you’re looking for the very best stair lifts on the market but find yourself limited by your budget, you definitely don’t have to worry about settling for less when you invest in what we here at Multicare have to offer. Alongside our range of brand new stair lifts, we have a tremendous selection of used stairlifts and associated stairlift services expertly refurbished to such a degree that you’ll have a hard time believing they’re not completely brand new.Our second hand stair lifts offer you all of the reliability, security, comfort and success of any other stairlift, only you won’t have to break the bank to get that all important mobility installed in your home – especially with our incredible team on your side. As a leading provider of stairlift services and top quality second hand stair lifts, we’ve made sure that they’re highly trained professionals who know exactly how to provide maintenance, installation and more whenever you need it most.Reliabilit...
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Slimmest Starlift rail in the world

stairlifts Penwortham
We are now proud to announce we are supply and fitting the new handicare advantage straight stairlift. This new ground breaking stairlift Features the smallest rail on the market and it doesn't finish there. The rail is 'toothless' and works purely on friction. This is a great feature allowing the rail to stay clean and no need for greasing at any time percfect for homes with pets or small children that could touch the rail.The handicare advantage stairlift is available in two different models. The handicare plus features a power footrest which automatically folds up and down a great feature for users with limited mobility. It also features a powered swivel seat option which automatically turns the user round at the top of the stairs .For more infomation on this state of the art stairlift call free on 0800 833439    
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