Sell Your Stairlift

Sell your used, unwanted stairlift to Multicare today.

We offer unbeatable quotes for buying your old, unwanted stairlift. From leading brands, including Handicare and Acorn, we’ll remove your old stairlift and give you cash back. Find out more below or give us a call on 0800 833 439.

Brands we accept include:

  • Handicare
  • Acorn/Brooks
  • Thyssen 

Whether you’re upgrading to a new stairlift or you no longer require a stairlift in your home, selling your stairlift is a great way to make money back on your investment. And what better way than by selling to a respected stairlift company like Multicare?

We’ll come and remove your existing stairlift swiftly and professionally with no hassle or fuss. Our trained installers are friendly and courteous, with all the expertise necessary to safely remove your old stairlift.

When you sell your stairlift with Multicare, we’ll always give you a fair quote. To find out more, contact our team on 0800 833 439 today or email us.

Thyssen Homeglide Stairlift

We buy any stairlift

We accept both straight and curved stairlifts. Simply complete the form below by providing details of the stairlift you’d like to sell. You can add images of your stairlift to help us give you a more accurate quote. Please note, we do not accept stairlifts over three years old (although we can remove them for you).

A member of our team will be in touch to discuss next steps with you. 

Stairlift removal

Removing or dismantling a stairlift really is a job for the experts. Without the proper tools or knowledge, you could end up damaging a working stairlift or even your home interiors. We’d always recommend calling a trained engineer to help you remove your old stairlift. Straight stairlifts are more straightforward to remove and will typically only need one engineer. While curved stairlifts are more complex and will require multiple engineers to safely dismantle and remove them. 

Contact Multicare about stairlift removal in your area. 

Why sell your stairlift?

Many people are looking to buy second hand stairlifts as they’re generally much cheaper than buying brand new. Selling your old stairlift is cost effective as it helps you get back a portion of your original investment, which can go towards a new stairlift or help cover other costs. 

Why not earn some money from your used stairlift? Contact Multicare today to learn more. 

Selling your stairlift to a reputable company like Multicare also ensures that it is responsibly disposed of. We commit to refurbishing or recycling used stairlifts, preventing them from ending up in landfill. Selling is a more environmentally friendly way of getting rid of your old stairlift. 

Looking to buy a used stairlift? Browse our range of reconditioned and refurbished stairlifts on our website.

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0800 833 439
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