A Guide To Platinum Stairlifts

Platinum stairlifts are one of the leading manufacturers of stairlifts in the UK. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing stairlifts, they are a reliable, trusted and reputable company. Each lift is custom built, ensuring safety and comfort is the priority.

At Multicare, we have a number of stairlifts from Platinum available, all with a number of different features and benefits identifiable throughout their range.

Platinum Utimate Stairlift

What is a Platinum Stairlift?

Platinum Stairlifts is a brand dedicated to creating cost-effective, reliable and comfortable stairlifts with a range of models to cater to different individuals. Each stairlift they create is bespoke to each home, ensuring it meets your personal needs and staircase requirements.

At Multicare, we are proud suppliers of Platinum stairlifts. We offer three different models with unique features, benefits and price points, ensuring there’s a Platinum stairlift to accommodate your requirements.

What Platinum Stairlift Models are Available at Multicare?

When purchasing a Platinum stairlift, you usually won’t have to worry if you have a staircase that is curved or too narrow for other stairlifts. At Multicare, your stairlift installation will first come with an assessment to gather measurements for your staircase, ensuring the lift is tailored to your home.

Platinum Ergo

The Platinum Ergo is a heavy-duty stairlift that’s perfect for straight staircases. The lift comes in four different colours, meaning there’s sure to be a shade that will complement your existing home decor. Its 25-stone capacity, lever-assisted footrest, armrest and comfortable back support have been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort.

The Platinum Ergo is also weather-resistant, meaning it can be used outdoors. It’s the perfect solution for steps leading up to your home as well as your indoor staircase.

Platinum Curve

The Platinum Curve is the perfect solution for homes with curved staircases. Just like the Ergo, this lift is also heavy duty, with a 25-stone weight limit. The lift comes with hardened acetyl rollers and a stronger swivel boss, ensuring the safety and comfortability of any individual using it.

With the tightest staircase turns, the Platinum Curve effortlessly navigates every corner. It’s a great cost-effective option which provides you with comfort and accessibility, even on the trickiest of staircases.

Platinum Ultimate Curved Stairlift

The Platinum Ultimate Curved Stairlift is a luxury-grade stairlift that offers comfort and simplicity, and is a reliable solution to traversing your stairs. Its forward-facing feature is perfect for individuals who have trouble bending their knees and legs. The lift requires a single tube railing, meaning no hinge is needed, which differentiates it from other stairlifts on the market.

If you desire premium quality and value comfort, this would be the perfect solution for you. With four chair colour options available, and the option to choose a custom rail colour, there is a style suitable for any home interior. The standard option comes with a 19-stone weight limit, but the option is available to upgrade to a heavy-duty stairlift with a weight capacity of 25 stone.

Home Installation

Here at Multicare, we offer a free no-obligation home survey. This will allow us to gather the exact measurements of your home, and discuss all personal requirements, in order to provide you with the perfect stairlift for your home. Once your order is placed, we may also be able to offer same-day or next-day installation for your stairlift. We have engineers nationwide meaning we can help you, no matter where you are in the UK.

Alongside Platinum Stairlifts, we also supply various other brands of stairlifts across the UK. These include Acorn, Handicare, Thyssen, Oto and Stiltz. We also provide the option to buy or sell your used stairlifts. This means you can purchase a refurbished like-new stairlift for a fraction of the price, meaning it’s a great cost-effective home stairlift solution.

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