Stairlift Buying Guide – Finding The Right Lift For Your Home


Renowned for their endless safety benefits and unbeatable build quality, stairlifts have cemented themself as the top mobility solutions in the United Kindom. Empowering elderly and disabled homeowners with the ability to navigate the staircase with total peace of mind, this tried and tested solution will continue to be implemented in homes for many years to come.


Whilst many are aware of the solution, confusion tends to lie when it comes to deciding the right option for your home. There is a wide range of makes and models of stairlifts out there and with this comes uncertainty around which one to go for. 


In this article, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about buying a stairlift in a simple and practical buying guide. Our goal is to make investing in a new stairlift a seamless and straightforward experience. 


Key Benefits Offered By Stairlifts


We all know what stairlifts are and what they do but what value do they provide to the end-user? The most obvious benefit is the safety they offer to homeowners. Every year 250,000 non-fatal accidents resulting in a trip to A&E occur, therefore, creating a serious need for a solution that minimised the risk of navigating the staircase. 


In addition to the prevention of staircase related accidents, stairlifts also help to take the physical strain away from travelling up and down the staircase. It is no secretes that the stairs can be a demanding activity, even for those in perfect health, so the addition of a stairlift can help to make travelling up the stairs a lot easier. 


The Different Types of Stairlift


There is a wide range of stairlifts available in the market. Everything from the simple straight stairlift design offered by the Handicare Simplicity to the complex curved design offered by the Flow X. In the following section we will be providing a clear breakdown of the different stairlift categories and provide some of the key benefits of each option.


Straight Stairlifts – This type of stairlift does exactly what it says on the tin. Designed for simple staircases which go straight up to the second floor, the straight stairlift design is a cost-effective solution for providing total access throughout the property.


Curved Stairlifts – A much more complex design created to suit the twists and turns in modern staircases, curved stairlifts are a great option for anyone looking to improve access throughout the property. Often designed bespoke to your homes needs, curved stairlifts are a great solution.


Narrow Stairlifts – Designed with the modern home in mind. Narrow stairlifts prioritise a compact design to provide a seamless design that doesn’t take over the home. Many homeowners may believe that their home can’t accommodate a stairlift but with a narrow stairlift design that’s often far from the truth. 


Is A Stairlift The Right Option? 


Deciding to go ahead and invest in a new stairlift is always going to be a huge decision. With the average cost of stairlifts ranging from anywhere upwards of £3000, it’s crucial that you take the time to consider if this is really the right option for you. To do this evaluate your lifestyle needs, mobility requirements and any other factors which may result in you no using the stairlift as much as you would expect, from there the decision should be clear. 


Taking The Next Steps 


If you are ready to turn this dream into a reality, our team here at Multicare are here to assist you every step of the way. The team at Multicare are proud to offer a professional, friendly and dedicated service that guarantees top quality stairlifts. Based in the North West, we provide stairlift services across the UK, including Scotland. Any questions? Contact us on the number below. We’re here to help.

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