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Do you need a stairlift installed in your home in Blackburn? If so you have come to the right place. Multicare Mobility is one of the leading stairlift providers in the UK. We provide homes in Blackburn with a wide range of stairlifts types and styles. We are confident that at Multicare Mobility we stock the perfect stairlift for your requirements. Our range includes straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, pre-owned stairlifts, and rental stairlifts. Whatever your budget and whatever style of staircase you have, Multicare Mobility will have a solution.


It is our passion at Multicare Mobility to provide our customers with the freedom to move and get maximum enjoyment out of their lives. Less elderly people in the UK are downsizing homes than ever before which is likely due to mobility aid technology constantly improving, allowing the elderly generation to stay put. At Multicare Mobility supply the latest stairlift technology at the most affordable prices. If you need more information about our stairlift range, please do not hesitate to contact an expert on 0800 833 439. You are also welcome to come and visit our showroom in Burnley to see our stairlift range in person. We can provide transport to and from our showroom for anyone who requires it.


Check out our stairlift range to find out which style of stairlift will fit your Blackburn home.


Straight Stairlifts Blackburn


Straight stairlifts are the most simple of all our stairlifts. They are ideal for those of you who own a straight staircase in your Blackburn home. At Multicare Mobility, our range of straight stairlifts are the best makes and models available on the market. We do not sell our customers anything other than the best to ensure they always purchase a comfortable and durable stairlift. They come in a wide variety of styles, colours, sizes, and with different modern features. We recommend visiting our showroom in Burnley so that you can see and test a few for yourself. This way you will be able to make the most educated choice on which stairlift will best suit your Burnley home.


If you would like one of our straight stairlifts, either call us on 0800 833 439 or fill out a ‘get a quote’ form. One of our experts will come to visit your home for a survey to see if any adjustments need to be made in order to install the stairlifts. Common adjustments include moving plug sockets, radiators, and windowsills. You can leave all these adjustments in our hands. We will then install the straight stairlift of your choosing. All our work is done under warranty so if you need any repair or maintenance work, do not hesitate to get back in touch.


Curved Stairlifts Blackburn


Not everybody has a straight staircase. At Multicare Mobility, our experienced experts have seen a wide variety of complicated staircases with a number of twists and bends. If you think your staircase is too complex for a stairlift then you are wrong. So far Multicare Mobility has never failed to complete a task. Our expert technicians can fit a curved stairlift to any style staircase. You will even have a wide range of choice in styles. We are confident that we stock a wide variety of curved stairlifts for every individual to find one which suits their home and is comfortable.


Similarly to straight stairlifts, if you are interested in our curved stairlifts, phone us on 0800 833 439 or fill out a ‘get a quote’ form. The next step will be for a survey to be carried out of your home. Here, our experts will design the tracks for your curved stairlift Blackburn and provide you with a free, no obligation quote. There is no reason to hesitate, you could have a stairlift installed in your Blackburn home in no time!


Used Stairlifts Blackburn


If you are on a budget then you might be more interested in our range of pre-owned stairlifts. All the stairlifts we sell at Multicare Mobility, including the used stairlifts, are of the highest quality. We refurbish all our used stairlifts and would never sell a customer anything other than the best. We offer a whole variety of incredible prices and deals on all of our fully reconditioned and refurbished second-hand stairlifts. If you would like more information on our used stairlifts Blackburn, do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 833 439.


Rental Stairlifts Blackburn


If you only need a stairlift for a certain period of time (maybe you’re recovering from an operation or you might have a friend/relative coming to stay at your house), Multicare offer a rental service. Short term rental is available from just £12 per week at MultiCare Mobility. We are also happy to provide long-term rentals for those customers who would rather rent instead of buy. Enquire today!


Multicare Mobility Supplying high Quality straight & curved Stairlifts in Blackburn.

We also Service, Repair & Remove any stairlift make and models.

Freephone us on 0800 833 439 



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