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Multicare Benefits

Why not visit our Colne showroom and try out our demonstration models before you choose.

When you choose a Multicare stairlift you are not only selecting a stairlift model that complies to British and European standards, but from a company whose code of practice is approved by the Lancashire County Coucil Safe Trader Scheme. You have the peace of mind of knowing the stairlift provided by Multicare has been manufactured by a respected, reputable company with a tried and tested reputation for safety, reliability and innovation.

All Multicare stairlifts are supplied with the user in mind. We listen closely to our clients when deciding on the which stairlift to choose and together with our own substantial experience offer advice on a range of stairlifts to suit different users’ needs and budgets.

Some stairlift users may have limited dexterity or painful conditions such as arthritis and our stairlifts feature a toggle operating system which helps to minimise this pain making the stairlifts easy and simple to use. The toggle is simply fitted to whichever side of the stairlift is easiest for the user to operate.

The toggle is simply held in the direction of travel and the stairlift transports the user comfortably, smoothly and safely.

Multicare can offer stairlifts with additional features such as a powered swivel seat and powered folding footplate which can make using a stairlift even easier by allowing the user to operate these functions at the touch of a button rather than manually – and the battery back-up means they will still work in a power cut. Even if they’re not required now, they could provide useful benefits at some point in the future.

Multicare always have safety as standard.

All stairlifts supplied by Multicare have safety sensors on the power pack and footplate; these are designed to stop the stair lift if it meets any obstruction. Once stopped it can only be moved in the opposite direction to the obstruction our stairlifts also have a diagnostic display so that you can monitor the status of your stairlift, for example when a safety edge has been activated.

Your stairlift will also come with a seat belt as standard for additional peace of mind. Our easy button release or retractable seat belt gives the added flexibility of allowing you to fasten it to one side or centrally, whichever is easier for you or other users.

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