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Make the Most Out Of Christmas | Multicare Mobility | Advice for Elderly

Make the Most Out Of Christmas

Make Christmas 2018 One To Remember

Christmas With The Family  – Maintaining a Healthy Family Life

For many, Christmas is time for the family and definitely not when you want to feel lonely. In later life, it can seem like a struggle to maintain healthy family relationships whilst keeping one’s own best interests at heart. Children and grandchildren continue to grow and blossom and every visit there is so much to keep up with. Positive relationships and connections are vital for good health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Loneliness, living alone and poor social connections can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It can contribute to depression and anxiety and can increase mortality by almost a third. A positive family life, and staying connected with your relatives, contribute to good health and wellbeing as we age. There is no better time for strengthening family relationships than around Christmas time.

B:friend sets about bringing members of the community together to support the people among us that unfortunately have no one.  We all want to feel loved and valued – it’s human a desire not specific to a certain age group. For those fortunate to have a family around them it makes such a difference knowing someone is looking out for you and cares. b:friend aims to support those that are not so fortunate by bringing volunteer befrienders together with isolated older neighbours to make sure they know they are still loved and valued.


  • Stay in the loop – Remember family updates and be sure to talk to people about what’s going on in their lives.


  • Stay close and available – living within close proximity to family means they are more likely to visit. Staying local means visit are more ‘popping in for a cuppa’ and less scheduled events. When there is a lot of distance involved, parties had to travel either way may need notice or to prepare, and the event becomes less spontaneous. available is key. There is no point living on the same street if no one is in when the doorbell rings. Similarly, when phone calls are made, or text messages sent, answering them quickly is important. Being local and available means loved ones feel more at ease coming over, and less like they’re imposing. It also means it’s easy to nip out to pick a grandchild up from school or meet up for an unexpected meal when those requests come in.Technology for the elderly


  • Stay up to date – Staying up to date with modern trends and technology can help keep positive connections. Knowing what is goingon in the world around us is important and is something people can often find common ground on. Catching up over popular TV programmes, using social media to connect or just simply being open to change and new experiences are all ways that staying up to date can aide someone. Not resisting is half of the battle. Allowing yourself to learn about modern gadgets or get sucked into a new TV show or movie may help create more shared ground to build on a to talk about.


  • Stay active – Keep moving. being willing to go out and meet people, pop over for dinner or watch a school play are small gestures that make a big difference. If you struggle with mobility and rely on tools like a home stair lift this may seem like an unappealing option, but with a little planning and a little help, there is no reason why low mobility should hold anyone back. There is no shame in asking for a little bit of help, especially if it means getting to spend even more precious time with loved ones.

These are just a few measures you can take, and it’s worth knowing that you mustn’t be the only one making all the effort. However, by implementing these four top tips it’ll feel much easier to maintain loving and close connections to loved ones and family.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Children and Grandchildren

Selecting presents for family members can be very difficult if there are large age gaps or you have limited mobility to traipse around the busy shopping centres. We have put together some ideas of easy gifts which may inspire your Christmas shopping this year.


Often your child will just want to spend some time with you and for those with mobility problems that are unable to do anything that involves too much physical activity can instead opt for Buy A Gift’s Champagne chocoholic afternoon tea for two. Talking about this gift, which is at the London Hilton Park Lane hotel, a spokesperson for Buy A Gift, says, “This is a wonderful afternoon tea experience – The sumptuous afternoon features the lightest sandwiches and scone options such as raisin or chocolate chip, alongside the plain classic. Fine tea comes courtesy of Twinings, with specially themed blends including chamomile, mint and fruit, each creating the perfect cup. Follow on with beautiful pastries, a course of miniature fancies and revelations such as chocolate coconut with rum jelly or caramelised banana macaroon.”

Alternatively, you could but them tickets for the theatre or a spa day. These gifts do not have to be expensive. There are companies such as smartbox where you can give a gift card and the receiver can choose between thousands of experiences. This is ideal if you are not sure what they would enjoy most.



Homemade gifts can be very sentimental as they are personal and thoughtful. We have put together a few ideas below:Accessible Christmas

  • Homemade Christmas hamper – Some gifts are just perfect for Christmas and a hamper certainly falls under this category. Innatelycustomisable, so many wonderful goodies can be put into a Christmas hamper, helping to make it an ideal gift. The effort that goes into tailoring a hamper to a specific person will certainly be appreciated by those who receive them, so why not get crafting and put one together for that special person this year?


  • Homemade mittens, socks, hats, scarfs – For those who enjoy sewing and creating garments of clothing at home, the option of making some cosy homemade mittens or socks etc would be the perfect gift for friends, family, and especially grandchildren this Christmas. Running around the shops to find a gift is not exactly an attractive proposition for many, especially for those who require the use of a stairlift, so why not get out that sewing kit and create something personal. Unique items like this will also be remembered fondly in years to come, providing great sentimental value to those who receive them.


  • Hot chocolate gift jars – Who doesn’t like a nice mug of hot chocolate over the festive period? This warming, delicious drink is just the antidote to a cold day out, especially after coming in from a Christmas walk with the family. So why not consider creating a few homemade hot chocolate gift jars to give out this holiday season? They are fairly simple to make, requiring the likes of a mason jar, hot chocolate mix, and some tasty toppings like marshmallows and chocolate pieces. Don’t forget to add that extra personal touch with a ribbon around the jar and a Christmas name tag for the loved one in question.


Accessible Christmas MarketsAccessible Christmas Market

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year and the UK is very lucky to have so many wonderful Christmas markets available, helping people up and down the country to fully immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit. Cities and towns across the UK put on some wonderful Christmas extravaganzas, featuring festive stalls, food, activities, and myriad attractions to help ring in the holiday. But what about accessibility for those who make use of a stairlift at home? Well, the UK is actually home to a number of great Christmas markets that are also accessible to those with mobility issues, making sure that all those who want to get involved are able to do so. Some Christmas markets with great accessibility features include:

  • Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
  • Cardiff Christmas Market
  • Edinburgh Christmas Market
  • Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market
  • Belfast Christmas Market
  • Leeds Christkindelmarkt


Multicare Mobility

If you need any more help and advice about accessibility this Christmas, or out stairlift products, please do not hesitate to call us on 01282869042.

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