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There’s more to providing stairlift services than you might initially have thought, certainly when it comes to the sheer number of features and options that any given mobility solution can come with. In much the same way, it can often be quite confusing as to what stairlift is right for you, so we thought we shed some light on one of our favourite features that we can guarantee makes for a quality stairlift no matter what you need.


That feature is the swivel seat, the importance of which is something that’s pretty easy to understate when it comes to how much convenience it’s able to provide. The addition of a high quality swivel seat can transform any old stairlift into a fantastically practical and convenient mobility solution, complete with that extra degree of comfort and convenience that makes our stairlift services so popular. Whether you opt in for a manual or powered swivel, we can guarantee that the benefits are definitely worth it!


Every single one of the stairlifts we have in stock has been packed full of as many top quality features and technology as possible, ensuring that they’re ready to find a place in your home and provide an unbeatable standard of service no matter what. You shouldn’t worry, however, as we’ve made sure that all of our stairlifts are as easy to use as possible, with innovatively designed and incredibly robust controls perfect for users even with limited dexterity.


Those features also include our swivel seats, needless to say, and we’re always developing new ways to bring you a whole new level of stairlift services every time you need them. Why not give our team a ring today?


Next time you find yourself looking for the safest and most secure stairlift services on the market, make sure you don’t wait to get in touch with Multicare as soon as you can. Our team is always at the ready to come and provide no matter what you need, so simply let them know all about your requirements by getting in contact, and we’ll soon be providing our top quality stairlift services before you know it!




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