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Is lack of mobility driving you up the wall?


It can be disheartening to learn that you’re no longer as able-bodied as you used to be. This unfortunately, happens to all of us and is just a part of life; however, you shouldn’t let it get you down as there are many ways in which you can manage to get around as much as you used to.


Many people have gone to extremes to cope with their lack of mobility; for example moving to a more accessible home. But here at Multicare we think it shouldn’t have to come to that; giving up the home you’ve built for yourself is a drastic measure. A great alternative is installing a stairlift in your home.


The stairs are probably the trickiest thing to tackle once you reach a certain age. Obviously knee joints can become quite stiff especially if you suffer from arthritis and this can hamper your ability to get up and down the stairs. A stairlift can be a godsend as it means you don’t have to move house and you don’t have to make any severe alterations to your home. Here at Multicare, we provide stairlifts in Manchester and across the rest of the North to ensure everybody has the mobility they deserve.


Crucially, our stairlifts in Manchester do not mean you have to re-mortgage your house, take out a loan or start selling off valuables in order to afford them. We pride ourselves in the fact that our stairlifts in Manchester are affordable and always strive to ensure that all walks of people can have access to these wonderful creations.


We can provide quotes for you that come with no obligation and there’s even no need for us to come and visit your home to provide one. If you’re interested in hearing more about our stairlifts Manchester please contact us today; our excellent team will take complete care of you and will explain everything you need to know. Lack of mobility shouldn’t keep you down!

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