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Straight Success

The Minivator 1000 straight stairlift represents the kind of incredible quality that we pack into every one of our stairlifts Wigan-wide, and it’s packed full of fantastic features which compromise nothing in the way of how compact it is. If you’re looking through our selection of stairlifts Wigan-wide, and you feel as if you want to avoid a cumbersome, large rail taking up vital space on your straight staircase, we highly recommend you check out what the Minivator 1000 stairlift could for you.


We strive to make all of our straight stairlifts Wigan-wide operate to the highest standards of security and safety, so you should expect nothing less than the best when you invest in our stock. Along with a comfortable ride, you’ll never have to worry about your stairlift breaking down unexpectedly, and our team is always ready to provide a quick response even if the unlikely worst case scenario comes to pass.


Our stairlifts Wigan-wide are every bit as suitable for the aesthetic of your home as they are practical, coming in a tremendous range of upholstery options and colours to ensure that you’ll never think of your brand new stairlift as an unwelcome eyesore. When combined with the comfort and independence offered by our complete stock of stairlifts Wigan-wide, we can guarantee you’ll never regret making the investment, so make sure you don’t wait to give us a call!


When it comes to providing the highest quality stairlifts Wigan has to offer, with a dedication to getting you a mobility solution you can trust, we here at Multicare are a leading name that won’t let you down. We’re experts when it comes to providing the finest stairlifts Manchester has to offer and beyond, and all you have to do is get in contact either by way of a phone call or email. Don’t wait to let our team know what you need.

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