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The added stairlift benefits of a Swivel Seat

As opposed to a fixed mount, a swivel seat is one of our favourite stairlift features as it brings with it a whole new level of flexibility and convenience for your home and chosen mobility solution. A swivel seat is one of the best stairlift features as it allows for an easy exit once the lift has reached its destination at the top of your stairs. And of course, with our stairlifts, you will be able to rotate the seat for a safe and smooth landing, ensuring that you’ll always end up with a comfortable ride!

When picking from our range of stairlifts, make sure you don’t forget how a swivel seat could add that extra degree of effortless accessibility!

Manual Swivel

One kind of swivel seat is the manual swivel, which makes for a perfect complement with our diverse range of stairlifts here at Multicare Mobility.

It operates with a simple and easy-to-use mechanism where pressing down or pulling up on a lever placed within easy reach at the side of the seat base will swivel the stairlift seat. Once you’ve oriented yourself appropriately, our stairlifts will lock themselves in the right direction ready for you to dismount simply, smoothly and safely.

Powered Swivel

The second kind of swivel seat in our range of stairlift features is the powered swivel. Fitted to a huge number of our stairliftse, the power swivel operates if you continue to hold down the toggle switch on arrival at the top of your staircase. The action is automatically carried out at the push of a button, and you’ll find yourself oriented and ready to go in no time.

Though swivel seats are incredibly safe and add a whole new level of practicality to any stairlifts, all of our powered swivel seats have a manual override release in the interest of safety and functionality. You might need to stop your lift in an emergency, or you may simply need to let someone through, in which case the powered swivel will allow you to create space.

You won’t have to worry, however, we have the best and most compact stairlifts, so there’ll always be room on even the tightest staircases.

User Friendly

Multicare offers the best stairlift features & stair lift benefits the UK has to offer, with ease of use, comfort and safety placed above all else. All of our wonderful stairlifts are jam packed full of fantastic stairlift features which make them truly stand out, but we’ll always make sure that those stair lift features are easy to understand and even easier to use.

A simple switch operation makes every one of our stairlifts accessible even for users who may have limited dexterity. By pressing and holding the large and robust toggle switch located at the end of the seat arm, which is easily operated by either hand or arm, any user can work our various stairlifts and get them moving smoothly in the required direction of travel.

Get in touch with us if you need any stairlift services; we’ll be glad to lend a hand!

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