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Thyssen Flow 2 Stairlifts

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The Flow 2 stair lift is the perfect solution for tight or limited staircases and comes in a wide choice of colours and fabric selections.

  • Can fit on very narrow staircases
  • 2 remote controls
  • Choice of joystick controls
  • Choice of manual and powered swivel seats
  • Different rail colours available
  • Automatic seat rotation whilst travelling

Thyssen Flow 2 Stairlifts

The Flow 2 stair lift is the perfect solution for tight or limited staircases and comes in a wide choice of colours and fabric selections.

Perfect for tight or limited staircases where space is a concern, the Flow 2 range of narrow stairlifts are the ideal thing to tackle even the trickiest setup and comes in a fantastic range of colours to suit any home.

The width of your staircase is no challenge for our Flow 2 stair lifts, as every lift comes with an advanced ride monitoring system which turns the chair and footrest in order to practically traverse even the narrowest sections of your stairs. This exclusive feature ensures that all of our narrow stair lifts are a flexible and versatile mobility solution on any staircase, even those as narrow as 61 centimetres! The secret to this incredibly compact size lies with the rail of our narrow flow 2 stair lifts, as it measures just 8 centimetres in diameter and runs especially close to the edge of your stairs so that space is maximised.

This single rail system is featured in all of our narrow flow stairlifts and can run on either side of your staircase. A special drop-nose rail option can also be added as another way to save space should there be an obstruction like a door at the foot of your stairs, and all of our Flow 2 stairlifts can be bespoke and custom-crafted to fit virtually any staircase shape.

Our narrow Flow 2 stairlifts are the ideal thing to help anyone overcome complicated or limited staircases, especially those that are far too narrow for standard mobility solutions or those with irregular dimensions. Narrow flow stairlifts are a practical solution for tight spaces, but our specialised Flow 2 stairlifts can be extended to allow parking around a corner and add even more practicality and comfort to your home. Combine that with foldable aspects such as the arms, seat and footrest, and it shouldn’t be hard to see just how compact we’ve managed to make all of our Flow 2 stairlifts!

Narrow stairlifts such as our Flow 2 stairlifts allow people with disabilities and mobility impairment to access different floors at home and in public spaces, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a bland eyesore anymore! Flow 2 stairlifts are both attractive and conventional, coming in a hugely varied range of colours and materials such as fabric and vinyl.

Please watch the video below to see the Flow 2 Stairlift in action…

Multicare is a top provider of stairlift services throughout the UK, providing fantastic mobility solutions which work in the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on what our Flow 2 stairlifts could do for you! We offer a wide range of stairlifts for curved stairs that are great for any home.

We offer new and used stairlifts across the UK including Manchester, Liverpool and more.

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The team at Multicare are proud to offer a professional, friendly and dedicated service that guarantees top quality stairlifts.

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