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Wheelchair Lifts & Platform Lifts | Multicare Mobility

Wheelchair Lifts

Public access solution’s from Multicare. We have supplied and installed access lifts nationwide for over 34 years. No matter what solution you need multicare will have the answer.

We specialise in wheelchair access lifts from small travel step lifts to larger travel platform lifts.

For more information call one of our experts in the public access department on 01282869042 for more information.

Terry Harmony Lift :

The Harmony Wheelchair Through The Floor Lift allows you to independently live in the comfort of your home. The lift will provides you with safe and easy access upstairs, meaning you can regain the whole living space without needing to move to a bungalow or ground floor flat. You can use the lift seated in a wheelchair or on an optional fold-down seat. The Harmony Through Floor Lift features a selection of car sizes, so you are sure to find a model that perfectly suits your needs.


Terry TSL 500 Step Lift:

The TSL 500 a safe reliable lift thats easy to use, the TSL 500 Step Lift is the ideal solution for wheelchair users who need to negotiate a small number of steps. It can be installed outdoors or indoors, allowing independent wheelchair access to a domestic property. The TSL 500 can travel up to 500 mm.

TSL 500 Step Lift

Terry TSL 1000 Step Lift:

When wheelchair access to your home is obstructed by several steps , the TSL 1000 offers a ideal and practical solution. The TSL 1000 can travel up to 1 metre and can be easily installed inside or outside of your home.

TSL1000-Wheelchair-Step-Lift-Aritco Gartec Platform Lift:

The Aritco platform lift is the most popular lift among the platform lifts and is designed to fit into any environment weather its commercial or residential and suit any project. We belive this is ther most versatile platform lift on the market, tailored to meet selected needs and tastes. You have the choice of a variety of functional features and interior/exterior design options.


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