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Stairlifts Preston – A Short Guide

Straight Stairlifts Preston

Are you searching online for ‘Stairlifts Preston’? At Multicare, our engineers provide a comprehensive stairlift service like no other. From the initial survey to installation and right up to our dedicated after sales service – we provide mobility solutions for all homes. So, whether you’re after a brand new and bespoke curved stairlift, or are looking for short-term stairlift rental, we supply the very best stairlifts Preston have to offer.

For more information on our stairlifts or for advice on different stairlift types, get in touch by contacting us. In this article, we’ll be exploring our different types of stairlifts and how each can be beneficial depending on the mobility issues you’ve been experiencing. If you have any questions regarding our stairlift services you can call one of our friendly engineers today on 01282 869042.

Types of Stairlifts

If you’re finding it difficult to navigate the stairs, you’re not alone. At Multicare, we understand the many difficulties faced when trying to win your battle with the stairs – and we’re here to help. Everyone’s home is different and often requires a bespoke mobility solution to suit their needs.  Below, you’ll find out more about each type of stairlift we offer and how this might benefit you.

Straight stairlifts

Straight starlifts are a perfect mobility solution for all straight staircases. Whilst straight stairlifts can’t navigate pesky corners or landings, they’re extremely practical and effective for straight staircases. All our straight stairlifts are easy to use and come equipped with smart controls and functions and innovative designs fit for any home.

They’re also a great option for short term rentals – we’ll go into this a little later in the article. So, for some of the very best straight stairlifts Preston have to offer, get in touch with our experienced installation team today by calling  01282 869042.

Curved stairlifts

For homes with winding staircases or rounded landings, the curved stairlift can be the perfect mobility solution. Our experienced engineers and technicians have installed some of the very best curved stairlifts Preston have to offer. With custom colours and upholstery to match your interior décor, we’ll help you find the very best match for your home.

So, if your home requires a bespoke approach, get in touch with our team of engineers today to book a home survey. We can have somewhere there today to carry out a comprehensive inspection and provide you with a detailed report on the best stairlift options.

Reconditioned stairlifts

Stairlifts PrestonWith quality and precision at the forefront of everything we do, you’ll be impressed with our fantastic range of reconditioned stairlifts. With a variety of stairlifts to choose from and some of the most competitive prices on the market, we’re proud to provide the very best for that little bit less at Multicare.

The reconditioning process of a used stairlift means that we could have your stairlift installed in a much shorter time frame, as the manufacturing & processing time is drastically reduced. We’re confident that our reconditioned stairlifts are some of the very best stairlifts Preston have to offer, which is why we offer a 12-month guarantee on all used stairlifts.

Stairlift rental

Whether you’re recovering from an operation or are suffering from a short-term physical impairment, we’re here to provide you with a flexible stairlift rental scheme that suits your needs.

Paying monthly for your stairlift is also not unheard of – and many of our clients find it easier to manage the overall cost of stairlift rental. With stairlift rental available on all our straight stairlifts, you can arrange a home survey by giving us a call on 01282 869042.

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