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New & Used Stairlifts In Liverpool

Multicare specialises in the installation and repair of new and used stairlifts throughout Liverpool and surrounding areas. Supplying stairlifts for over 34 years throughout England, Scotland & Wales, our stairlifts are thoroughly tested & carefully installed to help improve mobility around the home.

With stairlifts available to suit every need and every type of home, our range of mobility solutions are designed with the user in mind. We’re here to help you win your battle with the stairs by bringing comfort, safety and quality into your home.

Stairlifts Liverpool

Choosing A Stairlift

Finding the right stairlift for your home will help you easily and safely use the stairs without a second thought. This will not only give you more time and energy to do the things you love most, but it takes away the worry. You’ll no longer have to worry about using the bathroom or popping downstairs to get your glasses. The stairs will no longer be a burden and you’ll have complete freedom in your home.

When selecting the type of stairlift you would like in your home, it’s about understanding your needs and finding the best fit. Our stairlifts in Liverpool are available as new or used and are suitable for straight and curved staircases.

The type of stairlift you’re after will likely be determined by the shape and size of your stairs. Our straight stairlifts are for staircases that go straight up to the landing, with no bend or curve. Whereas our curved stairlifts are built specifically to fit the exact bend or curve in your staircase.

Booking A Home Survey

If you would like more information on the types of stairlifts available or to enquire about a specific stairlift, you can call our friendly and experienced engineers on 01282 869042.

Our team are here to help answer any questions you may have, help understand your needs, and provide advice specific to you. Our initial home survey for all stairlifts in Liverpool is designed to identify the shape and size of your staircase. This will give us a clear picture of the type of rail required and if any additional work needs to be carried out before installation (such as the shortening of windowsills or additional power points being installed).

Once the home assessment has been completed, our friendly engineers will give you some different options based on their findings. This will include a choice of stairlifts models and additional features and upholsteries you prefer.

Once your staircase has been assessed, our engineers will be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for a variety of stairlifts. Once you have been given your quote(s), you can decide if you would like to order that stairlift. All our stairlift quotes are fixed costs – and include installation, servicing & repairs for the duration of the warranty.

Servicing & Repairs

All our stairlifts in Liverpool are protected under warranty for both new and used models. Our servicing plans and fast response repairs will have you protected from breakdowns all year round. With priority callouts and same day service, all labour charges are covered under warranty.

We also carry out comprehensive repairs and servicing on older models that you have purchased from another provider. You can arrange for one of our local engineers to assess your stairlift and provide you with a report on the problem.

For more information on our stairlifts in Liverpool, please get in touch today on 01282 869042.

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