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Stairlifts Birmingham – A Short Buying Guide

Searching online for ‘stairlifts Birmingham’ but not sure where to start?

Multicare is an independent stair lift company that provide mobility solutions across the UK. We supply a wide range of stairlifts to homes in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

We’re experienced in supplying and installing a wide range of stairlifts for all types of staircases. Finding the right solution for your home has never been easier with our range of mobility solutions.

Once you’ve found a stairlift that will suit your needs, one of our experienced stairlift engineers will visit your home to measure your staircase. Once we’ve got all the measurements we need, your stairlift will be built to your exact requirements. If you’ve ordered a refurbished unit or rental, they will be thoroughly tested and serviced. When ready, we will visit your home to carefully install your new stairlift and give you a full demonstration.

Stairlift Types

When searching online for ‘stairlifts Birmingham’ there are two main types of stairlifts that can be installed: straight and curved.

Your straight staircases will have no turn or bend in them and are the most common type of stairs in people’s homes. We can install a straight stairlift on your staircase in just a few hours.

A curved staircase will feature a bend through various designs. Whether it’s a spiral staircase or you have a half or quarter landing, our curved stairlifts are custom made depending on the curvature of your staircase.

For more information on choosing the right stairlift, get in touch with a member of our team by calling 01282 869042.

Straight Stairlifts Birmingham

Having a straight rail installed in your home is one of the most common, but will ultimately depend on the shape of your staircase. Straight stairlifts are suitable for any straight staircase that doesn’t have any bends or curves.

If you are searching online for ‘straight stairlifts Birmingham’, Multicare offers a comprehensive range of new, refurbished and rentals for all straight stairlifts. Installed in just a few hours, our friendly stairlift engineers can provide same day installations where available.

Curved Stairlifts Birmingham

Available in a range of designs, curved stairlifts are custom made depending on the shape of your staircase. If you order one of our curved stairlifts in Birmingham, one of our engineers will visit your home to survey your staircase and landings. Once we have the exact measurements, we will go away and build your stairlift to the exact specifications.

At Multicare, all our curved stairlifts are brand new and built specifically for your home. We also have a great range of stairlifts for narrow stairs.

Available in a range of colours and finishes that best suit your home, you can choose from a variety of designs and colours. To browse our curved range or for more information, please visit our curved stairlifts page.

Stairlift Rentals

Available from just £12 per week, our range of rental stairlifts are ideal for those recovering from an injury or operation. We have also had customers prefer renting a stairlift as it spreads the cost across affordable, monthly payments.

Our range of rental stairlifts are available for straight staircases and includes free maintenance and any required parts. We also give you the option to purchase the stairlift at any time, and it can be removed for free once you are finished with it.

For more information please visit our stairlift rentals page.

To find out more about our stairlifts in Birmingham, please call us today on 01282 869042.

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