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North Valley Road BB8 9AG
North Valley Road BB8 9AG


Sometimes, even the highest quality stairlifts require stairlift servicing, especially if you’re looking to avoid a failure, breakdown or stoppage. As well as providing top quality mobility solutions for even the most awkward staircases, we offer a tremendous range of stairlift services to ensure you’ll always be covered no matter what happens with your stairlifts.

The team here at Multicare are experts when it comes to stairlift servicing & stairlift repairs, bringing all of our extensive knowledge and wealth in order to guarantee you’ll find no better stairlift servicing anywhere else. We have been in the business as long as we have, and are fully conversable with just about all of the many kinds of stairlifts throughout the UK, No matter if your from manchester or maidstone we will come to you.

We’re more than prepared to carry out stairlift repairs in the worst case scenario, however, with a quick response time meaning we’ll always be there in good time if you simply can’t wait to get your stairlift back up and running. Our highly experienced team will perform stairlift repairs first by locating the source of the problem, fixing it, and then ensuring that the same issue won’t crop up for a long while to come. We don’t believe in simply fixing the problem only to have it happen again down the line, so you’ll find that our stairlift repairs are much more comprehensive than your average stairlift servicing job…why not give us a call today if you need high quality, affordable stairlift repairs?

There’s simply nothing better than stairlift servicing & stairlift repairs to keep your stairlift working smoothly and comfortably as designed, so we recommend that you enlist our team of expert engineers to come and provide stairlift servicing as frequently as possible. You need only pick up the phone and let us know when you need our stairlift services, Our service & repair team contact number is 01282 869042.

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