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Stannah 260 Curved Stairlift Reconditioned | Multicare Stairlifts UK
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Stannah 260 Curved Stairlift Reconditioned

Our popular affordable refurbished curved stairlift the Stannah 260.

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At Multicare, we know just how difficult it can be to live with reduced mobility, and so you’ll find that every single product from our range of curved Stannah 260 stairlifts is every bit as incredible as the last. We ensure that we have a tremendous range on offer at unbelievable and unbeatable prices, too, coupled with an incredible standard of delivery and other services to make sure you’ll always get the curved Stannah 260 stairlifts you need when you need them most. Interested in acquiring a curved Stannah 260 stairlift? We are only a quick call away and can help in all of your endeavours.

Featuring an innovative design, this product from our range of curved Stannah 260 stairlifts is capable of handling even the most complex staircase, and with a bespoke twin stairlift rail configuration it can make the perfect match for just about any staircase. What’s more, its slim and incredibly compact design means that this seat will fold away to allow access to anyone when not in use, and will ensure a quick and easy installation no matter what. No other curved Stannah 260 stairlifts in the UK come close!

This Stannah 260 reconditioned stairlift continues to be one of the most popular Stannah curved stairlifts around, and it shouldn’t be heard to see why Using a reconditioned stairlift with a new bespoke track can save considerable cost on buying new whilst still ensuring you can install one of the best high quality stairlifts on the market.

Of course, if you’re not yet fully tempted to get your hands on the best of our Stannah stairlifts UK, here’s what you’re guaranteed!

  • Twin rails in pearl colour as standard with our Stannah 260 stairlift.
  • Simple to operate, push button or joystick operation.
  • Call the stairlift to you, or send it to someone with the wall mounted remote control.
  • Master power key on the chair arm can prevent unsupervised use of the chair.
  • Cushioned stop/start ensures a smooth, gentle ride.
  • Battery-powered – stairlift works even in a power cut.
  • Automatic charging at the bottom and top of the stairs ensures the lift is always ready.
  • Automatic slowing on bends ensures a comfortable ride.
  • Hinged rail option is available if the rail should obstruct a door or walkway, allowing fold away storage.
  • Swivel seat for ease of transfer onto top landing.
  • Slim tubular rail fixed a stair treads can be tailored to fit either side of the staircase.
  • Top or bottom parking wraps or landing run-ons available for ‘off staircase parking’.
  • Fast installation – can be installed in approximately 3 hours, and each rail is installed following a site visit from a surveyor.
  • If you’ve been on the lookout for our incredible range of reconditioned stairlifts, or you simply couldn’t do without the best Stannah 260 stairlift on the market, don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can.


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