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Pre-Used Straight Stairlifts

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Sometimes, a simple affordable solution is the best one. Pre-used straight stairlifts are perfect for when you’re looking for a way to ensure a comfortable mobility aid that can let you get up your standard staircases without a problem, especially if you’re in the market for incredible prices that don’t make any compromises in the way of quality. After all, we promise nothing less than the best with our second hand stair lifts!

Buying second hand stairlifts never has to be a stressful experience! We here at Multicare believe that a stairlift is an essential mobility aid and should always be kept within everyone’s reach for when they need it most. With this in mind, we’re very proud to provide a wide range of pre-used straight stairlifts to suit any home with a straight staircase.

Every one of our second hand straight stairlifts are fully refurbished with new batteries fitted in our workshop to the very highest standards of quality, so you can be sure that you’ll be receiving the best clean and functioning second hand stair lifts as well as a service you won’t soon forget. No matter what your budget might be, we treat every customer with respect and ensure that we pick out brilliant used stair lifts to fit their individual needs. Why not get in touch to get something special from our range of pre-used straight stairlifts?

We offer new and used stairlifts across the UK including Manchester, Liverpool and more.

If you’re interested in knowing more about buying from our huge range of pre-used straight stairlifts and other fantastic used stair lifts, just give our friendly team a call! We have the best stairlift services in the UK, and you can find our contact details on our website. It couldn’t be easier!

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