Handicare Simplicity

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Our Most Popular Straight Stairlift. The slimline design and high build quality makes the Handicare Simplicity an ideal solution for Straight Staircases.

  • Remote function allowing you to call the stairlift to you
  • Slim fold away design.
  • Safety sensors stop any simplicity straight stairlift in the case of obstruction.
  • Easy to use joystick controls on the arm of this simplicity straight stairlift.

Built with the highest standards of usability, comfort and safety in mind, we here at Multicare are proud to offer the Handicare Simplicity stairlift at a great price. In accordance with our dedication to delivering top quality home mobility solution, the Handicare Simplicity is the ideal for anyone looking for a reliable, straight stairlift

We know very well that the best Handicare stairlifts are those that are able to provide an effortlessly comfortably ride in the familiar environment of your own home, granting you a fantastic mobility solution which won’t be getting in the way of your enjoyment of life. T

You’re sure to discover that the Handicare Simplicity is  jam-packed full of astounding features and innovative design, especially when it comes to comfort and quiet running!.

See the Handicare Simplicity Stairlift in action on video below, 

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The team at Multicare are proud to offer a professional, friendly and dedicated service that guarantees top quality stairlifts.

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