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Multicare Mobility Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ's Multicare Stairlifts


Multicare Mobility FAQ’s


Can I rent a stairlift?


Rental stairlift

Stairlift rentals are a brilliant option for short term use at affordable prices. Stairlift rental can be used for people who have a temporary mobility problem, have a relative coming to stay or when someone is unfortunately terribly ill. We have a few customers who prefer long term rent in general rather than buy as they are aware that we cover the stairlift maintenance and servicing. This can be a lot easier than having the stairlift removed completely once it is no longer needed.


Can I buy a reconditioned stairlift?


Reconditioned Stairlift

Multicare mobility offers a huge variety of affordable prices and deals on our fully reconditioned and refurbished second hard stairlifts. We can ensure that there is always a style suitable for the individual looking for a mobility solution and to save a little bit of money. All reconditioned stairlifts are inspected and tested thoroughly by our team of specialist engineers who ensure every stairlift works how it is intended. There will be no problems and nothing will interfere with the smooth operation of the stairlift.


What should I expect from a home visit?


Home Visit

Once you have booked a home visit a professional surveyor will come to visit you and help you decide which stairlift would be the best for you. The surveyor will ask you some questions to help you determine which stairlift would be the right one for you. If you don’t know the answers to the questions the surveyor will be able to help you. They will make an educated decision based on their assessment of your personal requirements and staircase structure on which stairlift would be easily accessed and perfect for you.


How do I know which stairlift is right for me?


Which stairlift is right for me?

There are various types of stairlift and it is very important to choose the stairlift that will suit you and your home. Multicare Mobility will talk you through the different stairlifts that you could potentially have installed and which style would be perfect for you. We will ask you questions such as, “How wide is your staircase?” , “Are there any obstructions on your staircase?”  and “Will you have enough headroom with your staircase?”. All of these questions are fit to determine which stairlift would be best tailored to you.


How long does it take to install?


How long does it take to install?

When considering a stairlift, some people are concerned about the structural integrity of their staircase. To install a stairlift a track is attached to the brackets to support the rail, this keeps the rail elevated from the stairs. The brackets are attached to treads of the stairs with 2 to 5 screws per bracket. This means there is no damage to your wall. When MultiCare mobility installs the stairlift of your choice it is a quick procedure that should take a few hours. This time includes teaching the user how to use the equipment and maintain it.


Is a stairlift noisy?


Is a stairlift noisy?

Stairlifts usually run off 24 volts of power in their electric motor. This makes them very quiet and also very energy efficient while in use. The loudest noise that comes out of a stairlift is a beeping noise to alert the user that they have reached their destination. Stairlifts, in general, are virtually noiseless. These features are to ensure the user a smooth and comfortable ride for the stairlift user.


How fast does stairlift travel?


How fast does a stairlift travel?

Our bespoke stairlifts have soft starting abilities which are used to not jerk the user, as the chair starts to move up or down. A stairlift is usually very slow. It goes at approximately 0.16 mph and 0.34 mph ensuring a safe, easy and comfortable ride for the user. The speed of a curved stairlift may vary on the journey as the chair might need to slow down even further to go around corners or to go slow on steep inclines.


How do stairlifts work?


How do stairlifts work?

There are three components which are extremely important to the running of a stairlift; The motor, the battery and the gear. The motor is usually found at the bottom of the stairlift and powers the moment of the whole unit. The batter is also located within the stairlifts base, powers the motor and is responsible for maintaining comfort and reliability. Finally, the gear is connected to the geared strip and helps to propel the stairlift up and down in either direction.


What happens if I have a power cut?


What happens if I have a power cut

The short answer is there will be no problem at all. Our stairlifts are constantly charging so that a lift can be used during a power outage. Battery operated stairlifts start recharging when the chair reaches the connection charging points at either end of the track. On some models, the entirety of the track is a connection point. So it does not matter where you are on the lift you will keep going. As with all batteries, they won’t last forever without being topped up with some power but will be okay in a power shortage.


Are stairlifts safe?


Are stairlifts safe?

Multicare Mobility stairlifts are installed by experienced professionals. If used correctly these stairlifts are extremely safe. Quality manufacturers such as Multicare go to great lengths to make sure their stairlifts meet safety standards. Safety designs include footplate and motor sensors to detect an obstruction on the stairs, seats with fitted seatbelts, swivel seats for easy access, optional folding rail at the bottom of the stairs to avoid a tripping hazard and enclosed motor to ensure clothes don’t get stuck in the machinery.

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