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Less Elderly People Are Downsizing Their Home in the UK

The Number of Elderly People Downsizing their Home in The UK has Dropped.


Often moving out of a home full of memories, comforts, and love to a smaller, unfamiliar home, is not what many older people want to do. A survey has found that 80% of homeowners aged 65 and over are wishing to stay where they are rather than move house. When older people do downsize it is commonly due to limited mobility or to save money. Due to advancing technology in mobility aids and amendments which can be incorporated in ones home, anybody with limited mobility is finding it easier to stay put and maintain freedom in the home. Also, when the money side of downsizing is investigated, it is not much of an incentive. The demand for retirement properties such as cottages and bungalows is strong so a smaller property may not necessarily carry a smaller price tag, especially if it is in a desirable area. Moving from somewhere familiar and comfortable is often not worth the small amount of money you migh...
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How Technology is Improving the Life of the Elderly

Technology For The Elderly

In Britain, we have an ageing population which means, there are more old people than young in the UK. This is because, on average, people are living longer and having fewer children. Counties in the South West of England are some of the oldest in the UK. Therefore, the older generation is a huge market for consumables and they have a lot more influence over technology than you may think.Engineers across the globe are designing products to improve the day to day life of the elderly and the disabled. Many products which are popular acro...
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