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Stocked and Loaded

Here at Multicare, there’s a tremendous selection of stairlifts Manchester-wide to choose from, certainly when it comes to our stock, but you definitely shouldn’t let that discourage you from getting your hands on that essential mobility factor if you find your independence or ability to move freely becoming impaired. Here’s how our many stairlifts Manchester-wide could work for you!   Every single one of our straight stairlifts is made to the very highest standards of quality and safety, ascending any chosen flight of stairs with an incredibly smooth and secure ride. You’ll be getting exactly where you need to go in no time, and with easy to operate controls coupled with a tremendous amount of features you’ll never feel anything less than one-hundred percent satisfied.   Staircases aren’t always a blissfully simple, straight configuration, however, and many stairlifts Manchester-wide find themselves forced to operate on rails able to handle multiple twists a...
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Ready for Re-Use

Here at Multicare, we’re very proud to present an incredibly varied stock of top quality reconditioned stairlifts, as we understand that our customers often have to work to a certain budget whilst still requiring the most reliable stairlifts Liverpool-wide. That’s why all of the second hand used stairlifts we offer are kept refurbished to the highest standards, so much so that you’ll have a hard time believing they’re actually second hand and not some of the best brand new stairlifts Liverpool and Manchester have to offer.   We here at Multicare are specialists when it comes to safety, too, and so you can expect that every one of our used stairlifts Liverpool-wide can provide an incredible smooth, stable and safe ride to the top of your stairs. They’re second hand, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same incredible range of features as the rest of our selection, with essentials such as safety sensors and a sturdy seat belt ensuring peace of mind as yo...
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Always Adapting

adapting Here at Multicare, we understand that there’s always a need to adapt. After all, it’s not always the case that staircases go from one point to another in a straight line, and most houses have a curve or a bend which calls for stairlifts Liverpool-wide that are a little more innovative than a simple linear configuration. That’s exactly why we have a tremendous selection of the best curved stairlifts Liverpool has to offer, so don’t wait to have a browse through our full stock.   If you’ve always been looking for that perfect stairlift, but you’ve never been sure that your home could fit one on account of a curved staircase, you might just be pleasantly surprised!   The main advantage of curved stairlifts Liverpool-wide is exactly because they’re able to twist, turn and fit themselves to your staircase without a problem. That’s why they’re such a popular choice in the modern day where staircases both old and new take unusual shapes, as they can handle...
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Stay Serviced

Long-Lasting-Quality We’re often asked, how is it that we’re able to keep our selection of stairlifts Liverpool going for so long? Well, we’re definitely willing to shed some light on the matter! Regular stairlift servicing is by far the simplest and most reliable way of ensuring your stairlifts Liverpool-wide remain operational for years and years to come, especially if you’d like to relax and be assured that your chosen stairlift will perform as designed, and that’s mainly why our team is always out and about treating stairlifts to some well-earned TLC!   Our team of highly professional lift experts are more than well-versed in matters of lift servicing, maintenance and repair, and they’ll always go above and beyond to guarantee they keep your stairlifts Liverpool-wide. The secret to their success lies in the fact that they don’t just adjust and maintain your stairlift in the short term, but rather thoroughly look for potential sources of problems in the future and put them rig...
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Rails You Can Rely On

rails-you-can-rely-on The importance of reliability can’t be understated for the success of stairlifts in your home, especially when you depend on your chosen mobility solution to help you get around your home easily and comfortably. The last thing you want to be dealing with is a breakdown that impairs your independence and freedom of movement, after all, and that’s why we here at Multicare always strive to ensure our stairlifts Liverpool and Manchester-wide adhere to nothing but the highest standards of quality.   Safety is always one of our top concerns here at Multicare, and it should go without saying that reliability is a huge aspect of guaranteeing any stairlifts Liverpool-wide are fully functional and completely safe to use. It also leads to a comfortable and worry-free ride, as you won’t ever have to be concerned about the lift’s ability to operate smoothly. We’ve made sure that all of our stairlifts are reliably safe and secure, as well as folding away nicely when not in use...
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Safe, Secure, Subtle

Second-Hand-Success Stairlifts are an incredibly convenient and safe alternative to struggling up and down the stairs if you find it difficult to do so, giving you the ability to get where you need without having to suffer on account of mobility issues. To that end, safety is one of our highest concerns, and so it should come as no surprise that we’ve managed to pack as many features as possible into every product in order to guarantee that every single one of our stairlifts Liverpool-wide makes for a safe, secure and comfortable ride in your home.   Of course, as important as safety is, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore the way your stairlift looks! Many of our customers care about the décor of their home, and they wouldn’t want their stairlift to be an eyesore that sticks out like a sore thumb and intrudes on any established aesthetics. We perfectly understand that wish, needless to say, and you’ll find that all of our stairlifts Liverpool-wide come in a wide range of colour...
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Never Too Narrow

new-brooks-stairlift-3-99-p In the past, narrow staircases have typically presented problems for stairlifts and those seeking to install them in their homes, as they’d find their stairs blocked and obstructed every time the lift was in use. Additionally, if the stairs were narrow enough, it was even possible that the stairlift would not be able to fold away and would create a total obstruction. Obviously this was not an ideal situation!   Thankfully, however, things have changed drastically since then! Staircase width is no longer a challenge or a hurdle to overcome, as the advanced ride monitoring system installed in our Flow 2 stairlifts Manchester-wide allows the seat to make it through even the tightest space. They’re also incredibly more compact, and are able to fold neatly away when not in use. The rails that our Flow 2 stairlifts Manchester-wide travel up are much smaller now, too, meaning that we’re able to put them in a lot more homes than we might have been able to before!   As ...
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Clever Curves

clever-curves Here at Multicare, we understand the difficulties that a reduction in mobility can bring, and we’re always looking to bring you the very best solutions to the problems caused. Naturally we’ve got the very best of what we’ve got to offer online and just waiting to find a place in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, so make sure you take a look! Here’s a recommendation straight from our team in the meantime, however!   The Brooks 80 Curved Stairlift was designed with even the most complex staircases in mind, as it’s not always the case that staircases simply go up in a simple, straight line. This innovatively crafted lift will tackle even the toughest routes as if they were nothing, allowing you to ascend and descend your stairs without encountering any problems. When it comes to stairlifts Manchester, this product truly excels!   It features fantastic, easy-to-use technology and controls, as well as measures which reduce the noise that it makes sig...
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Thinking Straight

new-brooks-stairlift-3-99-p Sometimes, the most straightforward solution is the best option! That’s a pretty good phrase to go by when it comes to a huge variety of things in life, but we think it’s especially relevant when it comes to straight stairlifts. They’re the ideal thing to climb stairs which don’t have any unusual twists or turns, providing a smooth and incredibly comfortable ride to the top that couldn’t be more safe and secure, and they incorporate all of the very best technology to give them a standard of reliability that’s hard to beat.   Installing straight stairlifts Manchester-wide couldn’t be simpler, either, especially when you have our expert engineers backing you up. We’ll always make sure that we’re in and out as quickly as possible, checking that everything is correctly put in place and in working order before we leave you to enjoy your brand new straight stairlifts Manchester. If you’ve been on the lookout for essential mobility solutions that you just coul...
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Curved, Comfortable and Affordable

curved-and-comfortable Are you in need of a top quality mobility solution such as a stairlift, but you don’t think your house could fit one? It’s often the case that a home has stairs that turn sharply, or take an unusual shape, and most people simply write off the idea of getting their hands on any kind of stairlifts Manchester right there and then. There is, however, a fantastic way of getting around the problems presented by an irregularly shaped set of stairs, and it definitely won’t put you out of pocket like a lot of specialist solutions might threaten to do!   The main advantage of curved stairlifts Manchester, and the reason they’re such a popular choice, is their ability to smoothly traverse staircases which aren’t simply a straight line from one floor to another. They’re able to tackle even the trickiest paths courtesy of innovative design, handling the journey without a problem in order to provide an incredibly smooth and reliable ride up to where you need to go, and exemp...
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