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Affordable Stairlifts Manchester

Cut-Costs-without-Compromise Finance is a huge part of our lives, and staying on top of our outgoing costs is a crucial aspect of that – if not one that we all absolute loathe having to deal with most commonly on a monthly basis. It’s safe to say that we here at Multicare definitely understand how limiting and restrictive it can be to work to a budget, and we know that many of our customers set themselves a certain amount aside when they go looking for stairlift services or a top quality stairlift solution.   That’s exactly why we’re so dedicated to offering our range of used stairlifts Manchester-wide and beyond, as there’s no better way to get all the quality of our standard range of incredible mobility solutions at a tremendously reduced price – alongside our incredible stairlift services no less!   Our comprehensive stock of second hand used stairlifts Manchester-wide will never disappoint, as we’ve gone to lengths to make sure that each lift is just as good as new. We can guar...
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Long Lasting Quality – Stairlift Services

Long-Lasting-Quality As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring truly superb lift services, we’re dedicated to making sure that all of our stairlifts are sure to last for years and years to come even under constant use. To that end, we’ve made sure our stock contains only the most resilient and dependable starlifts, with hardy and robust controls which are not only easy to use but also tremendously strong and unlikely to fail.   Although we’ve ensured that every one of our top quality stairlifts is guaranteed to last, we’ve made sure that our team is always at the ready to come and provide highly efficient maintenance and repair whenever they may be needed.  We wouldn’t be so well known for our stairlift services otherwise!   We’ve found that a regular schedule of maintenance is the perfect way to ensure the longevity of any stairlift installations or systems put in place, especially when that maintenance is carried out by highly trained professionals. The team here at Mu...
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No Need to Worry – Handicare Stairlifts

No-Need-to-Worry-200x300 Many people are a little deterred by the perceived cost of curved stairlifts, and it’s often the case that they’ll either delay themselves in buying one or simply disregard the idea though the need for a quality mobility aid may be increasing. Our very own curved Handicare stairlifts come with incredibly cheap price tags, however, with no compromises made in the way of quality!   It is certainly true that the cost of a stairlift installation varies tremendously on the size and shape of your staircase, as well as the specific model of stairlift that you’re looking to have put in place, but there’s no need to worry. We here at Multicare make sure that we include a no cost, no obligation survey as part of our expert stairlift services. We’ll send someone to visit you at home, where they’ll measure your staircase and discuss how best we could meet your every requirement – so you can rest assured that we’ll be able to quote you an incredibly fair price on our Ha...
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On Hand – Handicare Stairlifts

On-Hand The most common type of staircase in the modern home is a curved one, and despite the name this doesn’t mean that the stairs always have to feature a sharp turn. A staircase is still considered curved if there is no turn but there is a flat platform breaking the otherwise straight shape of the stairs, or if the curve in the stairs measures only a few steps. This is because even the slightest break necessitates a stairlift rail which can curve to provide a smooth, safe and secure ride, such as the one utilised by our Handicare stairlifts!   All of our Handicare stairlifts come packed full of features, including our innovative and robust controls that give anyone the ability to operate our stairlifts without issue. Even individuals who may be affected by limited dexterity will find any product from our Handicare stairlifts range easy and comfortable to use.   Reliability is something that we strive to ensure, too, with every one of our Handicare stairlifts operating ...
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No Bends, No Worries – Straight Stairlifts

new-brooks-stairlift-3-99-p It’s often the case that a straightforward solution is the best one, and that’s certainly true for our range of straight stairlifts. They’re the ideal mobility aid on staircases without bends, curves or other complications, providing an incredibly safe, secure and comfortable ride for anyone in need of a little independence, and you’ll find that all of the straight stairlifts here at Multicare are a fantastically smooth ride.   Of course, if you’re working to a much tighter budget than usual, you may want to take a look at our brilliant range of second hand straight stairlifts for a tremendous selection of expertly reconditioned mobility solutions. These straight stairlifts have all of the features that we jam pack into every product in our normal ranges, only they’ve been used to ensure a premium standard of comfort and independence by someone else in the past.   With our expert team of lift engineers making all of our second hand straight stairlifts loo...
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Safer Trading

mi2-1024x221 We here at Multicare are very happy to be registered on the Safe Trader Scheme, a fantastic website and scheme established to help people in Lancashire find their ideal traders for the work they need doing, whether it’s property repairs, home improvements or even domestic services such as cleaning or laundry. And yes, that includes mobility solutions such as our stairlifts!   Every member of the Safe Trader Scheme has shown that they are more than committed to providing an unbeatable standard of service and an honest, fair treatment of their customers no matter what, as well as resolving problems that might arise by working with Trading Standards. Of course, we’re no exception to those rules here at Multicare, so you should never expect less than the very best when you look into getting one of our stairlifts.   We can promise the highest standards of service to go with an incredible range of stairlifts both brand new and second hand, with an unbeatable number of ...
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An All Access Solution – Curved Handicare Stairlifts

On-Hand Are you in need of a stairlift, but you’re not sure which product is the right pick for you? It can be difficult to know which mobility solution to opt in for, so we thought we’d make a suggestion. Our range of curved Handicare stairlifts are packed full of the latest innovations and cutting edge technology, and you’re sure to find that even the trickiest staircases will prove no problem for these brilliant mobility solutions.   Here at Multicare, it’s our passion to bring accessibility, freedom of movement and independence back into people’s lives when they suffer a loss of mobility, or when climbing up and down the stairs takes more and more effort, so you’ll always discover something perfect for you in our range of curved Handicare stairlifts no matter what you need.   To that end, all of our curved Handicare stairlifts come complete with robust, easy to use controls, ensuring that even users with limited dexterity will have no issue moving and operati...
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Keeping You Moving – Stairlift Services

Long-Lasting-Quality You won’t find anything less than the very best stairlifts here at Multicare, but even the best quality products need a regular schedule of maintenance to ensure that you won’t need to call in more drastic repairs later down the line. Understandably, it pays to be prepared, but just how do you go about making sure you’re covered – and who do you call when you need stairlift services?   If you’re not sure where to find the right people for the job, well, look no further than Multicare for our top notch professionalism when it comes to stairlift services! We’ve been in the business of supplying unbeatable stairlift services alongside a top standard of customer service that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling completely satisfied, with a rapid response call out service and equally speedy delivery ensuring that we remain a leading name in the world of stairlifts and mobility solutions across the UK.   Should you ever encounter the unfortunate situation that y...
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A Particular Pick

Cut-Costs-without-Compromise Not exactly sure what stairlift is ideal for you? Well, to tell the truth it’s hard to recommend a specific product, as we always go that extra mile to guarantee every one of our stairlifts Manchester-wide is just as fantastically stocked full of features as the last, so you should definitely have a browse around our site to see what takes your fancy. If we had to choose one of our favourites, however, we’d have to go for one of our stairlifts Manchester-wide that’s proven very popular in the past few months!   Here at Multicare, we pride ourselves on top quality mobility solutions that come at an unbelievable value, but if you’re looking to drop the price even further, why not look into one of our incredible reconditioned stairlifts Manchester-wide? One example of the tremendous quality we’ve managed to uphold on every single one of our second hand stairlifts Manchester-wide is with the Stannah 260 curved stairlift, so naturally we’d suggest you check it out a...
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Picking Something Perfect

simplicity-straight-1 Here at Multicare, we have a tremendous selection of the very best stairlifts Birmingham has to offer. Coming in all shapes, styles and sizes, we don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that we have a lift that’s right for any kind of customer, but it can often be difficult to tell which one can make for the ideal match with the details of your individual situation.   The question remains, then; what kind of stairlifts Birmingham-wide could be the right choice for you?   Straight stairlifts Birmingham-wide certainly have the advantage when it comes to simplicity, and are the perfect choice for homes where your staircase isn’t doing anything special. Curved stairlifts are just as fantastically dependable and reliable of course, though they’re explicitly designed to handle even the most complicated stair shape and will naturally require a little more in the way of installation.   Of course, we’ve worked hard to make sure that all of our stairlif...
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