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Comfort and Convenience – Chair Lifts

multicare When it comes to ensuring that you get the best chair lifts around, there’s no-one better than Multicare to provide what you need. In much the same way, there’s nothing quite like an innovatively designed swivel seat to add that next level of convenience and comfort to your chosen chair lifts. Keeping everything nicely compact, a swivel seat is the perfect way to ensure that any given chair lift is able to get you where you need to go and give you that little bit extra when it comes to comfortably and safely getting on and off of your lift.   Coupled with the robust and easy-to-use controls on all of our chair lifts, you’ll soon see why so many people choose Multicare to be their number one provider of incredibly functional, comfortable chair lifts.   What’s more, every single one of our chair lifts is expertly crafted, and in the case of our second hand models, we ensure that they’re maintained with care in order to ensure that you get the very best mobili...
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Keep Costs Down with Chair Lifts

multicare12 One of the biggest factors influencing the purchase of anything these days is definitely the cost of whatever it is you’re looking to buy, rent or otherwise invest in, and chair lifts are no exception. However, while most people we’ve met tend to think that chair lifts are an expensive and costly investment that not only comes with a pretty hefty price tag but costs a lot to run on a daily basis, thankfully that couldn’t be farther from the truth!   Despite living in a climate where prices seem to only ever go up, we’ve made sure that our chair lifts have gotten cheaper and cheaper as the years have gone on – and their initial price tag was never too high, either. This is because we’re constantly striving to update our chair lifts with all of the finest technology and features, ensuring that you’ll always be getting your hands on something with a fair price and tremendous level of efficiency. When you add to that a compact design which maximises on reliable o...
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Robust and Ready to Go – Chair Lifts

multicare-blog-23feb Looking for something a little heavy duty? Here at Multicare our chair lifts are well known for their reliability and powerful ability to get you where you need to go in a comfortable, safe and secure manner, but none of them can match the formidable lifting capability of our Heavy Duty chair lifts.   The Multicare name guarantees chair lifts which will perform exactly how you want them to, with reliability and safety being top priorities, but our Heavy Duty stairlift is the ideal way to ensure that you’ll be getting maximum performance if you need that little bit of extra strength to get your chair lifts taking where you need to go.   What’s more, even with the specific requirements addressed by our Heavy Duty chair lifts, you’ll find that every single model comes jam packed full of all the fantastic features found across our entire range of top quality chair lifts. This ensures that you’re guaranteed a convenient, easy to use experience that promises comfor...
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Second Hand Success – Stairlift Services

Second-Hand-Success If you’re looking for the very best stair lifts on the market but find yourself limited by your budget, you definitely don’t have to worry about settling for less when you invest in what we here at Multicare have to offer. Alongside our range of brand new stair lifts, we have a tremendous selection of used stairlifts and associated stairlift services expertly refurbished to such a degree that you’ll have a hard time believing they’re not completely brand new.   Our second hand stair lifts offer you all of the reliability, security, comfort and success of any other stairlift, only you won’t have to break the bank to get that all important mobility installed in your home – especially with our incredible team on your side. As a leading provider of stairlift services and top quality second hand stair lifts, we’ve made sure that they’re highly trained professionals who know exactly how to provide maintenance, installation and more whenever you need it most.  ...
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Our Top Team – Stairlift Services

  Our-Top-Team On the lookout for the right team to provide stairlift services you’ll never regret investing in? We here at Multicare believe in a job done right, and we’ve got a fantastic team of knowledgeable experts that are more than willing to help.   We’re waiting to come and deliver the finest stair lifts and stairlift services no matter what your own individual requirement might be, with a highly experienced team that will never give less than one hundred percent when it comes to ensuring comfort and independence within your very own home. If you’re working on a budget, our team will even be more than able to supply you with something fantastic from our range of second hand, reconditioned stair lifts, featuring fantastic prices coupled with the same top quality that we’re known for.   Our team isn’t just ready and willing to supply the incredible stair lifts found in our stock, of course! You’re sure to discover just how well our stairlift services can wo...
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Setting the Record Straight – Stairlift Services

Setting-the-Record-Straight Thinking of getting your hands on a stairlift? We reckon there’s a few things you might have taken into account already, though you might not have known just how versatile top quality stairlifts can be. In much the same way, you might have a few worries, so we thought that we’d address just some of the most common ones to hopefully put your mind at ease!   Size can often be a restricting or limiting factor when it comes to deciding whether or not your home can fit a stairlift, especially if you have a particularly narrow staircase, but you won’t have to worry if you choose Multicare to provide the ideal stairlift services. Our tremendous range of products includes everything from the largest, most heavy duty models to the smallest stairlifts, though making sure that all of our stairlifts are incredible versatile and compact is a dedication that we don’t take lightly.   Cost is another worrisome aspect, as many people set a budget and ardently stick to it, but...
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Helping You Stay Mobile – Stairlift Services

Helping-You-Stay-Mobile Here at Multicare, a huge number of people name us their number one for stair lifts and stairlift services across the country, and it shouldn’t be too hard to see why!   Our biggest priority is the satisfaction and well-being of every one of our customers and clients, and to that end we’ll always work to ensure that you find the perfect stairlift to suit your own personal mobility requirements. Things such as budget, space concerns and even the basic shape of your staircase can be big variables in deciding what kind of stairlift services you’ll require, but that’s exactly why our team will strive to pick out something that’s a flawless match if you haven’t already settled.   We’ll always be able to answer any questions and queries you might have with honest, impartial advice, as our team would love nothing more than to see you happily regaining your independence at home with a stairlift that’s absolutely perfect for you as an individual. Take a look t...
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Lifting You into the New Year – Stairlift Services

Lifting-You-into-the-New-Year Happy New Year from the team here at Multicare! We hope you had a brilliant 2015, and if not, we hope that the year ahead has plenty of good news for you. If you’ve been looking for stairlift services at tremendous prices, and stair lifts guaranteed to perform, then we’ve certainly got some good news to kick off 2016 with!   Multicare are always ready with a huge range of stairlift services to make sure that you get independence and freedom of movement within the comfort of your own home, with products and models of all shapes and sizes just waiting to make the perfect match with what you require. From brand new stair lifts to used models that have been expertly refurbished thanks to our stairlift services, we’ll always be able to ensure you get what you need even if you find yourself working on a tight budget.   We even have innovative rental schemes which offer incredible value for your money, which when coupled with our many easy payment options makes for a ...
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The Gift of Giving – Stairlift Services

The-Gift-of-Giving Christmas is just around the corner now, and we couldn’t be more excited! We bet that you feel exactly the same, having picked out the perfect gifts for friends and family while knowing that they’ve got that special something you’ve been after for a while. We here at Multicare love that aspect of Christmas, needless to say, so you can bet that we’ve even got something to offer you!   Our team would love nothing more than to give you the gift of mobility and independence in the comfort of your own home, with our incredible range of stairlift services and top quality products. From curved stairlifts perfect for navigating even the trickiest staircases to straight systems and heavy duty models, we’ve got a tremendous variety just waiting to make the perfect match with what you need, so don’t wait to come and discover your perfect mobility solution. When it comes to providing mobility solutions that you can trust, our stairlift services are definitely the ones for ...
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Hardly Used – Stairlift Services

Hardly-Used At Multicare, we know and understand that sometimes our customers have to work to a certain limited budget, and so we’re always looking for ways to ensure our stock is packed full of the very best deals and offers on the market today. To that end, our incredible range of used stairlifts is an ideal way to cut down on costs without having to settle for a reduction in quality, as our expert team is more than able to refurbish any stairlift and bring it back to the pristine condition it was in when it left the factory as part of our premium stairlift services.   Every member of our expert team has a wealth of knowledge of experience when it comes to matters of stairlift services such as maintenance, and can guarantee that every one of our used stairlifts will function exactly as designed before we even think about installing it in your home. You can rest assured knowing that these stairlifts won’t be causing you problems in the future, as we’ll put them through rigorous...
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