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Stairlifts Available in Maryport

Stairlifts Maryport

 Straight stairlift Are you looking online for ‘Stairlifts Maryport’? Our talented engineers at Multicare provide a wonderful stairlift service like no other. Multicare provides stairlift solutions for all homes and all stairs. Multicare will make the process easy from the initial survey to the installation. If you are looking for a brand new straight stairlift or you are looking for a short term solution with stairlift rental, we can supply the very best that Maryport has to offer you. If you would like more information on our bespoke stairlifts or any information on our services and which stairlift would be best for your home, please get in touch. We want to work with you and help you explore your different options and explain how each stairlift has its own benefits which will help you depending on the mobility issues you have been facing. If you are looking forStairlift Dealers in MaryportorStairlifts in Maryportenquire with Multicare us...
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Wheelchair Friendly Countries For Summer 2019

Wheelchair friendly countries for Summer 2019

Would you like to spread your wings and visit some of the most beautiful countries in the world? There are some incredible places to visit which are accessible to anyone. Whether you want to head down under, meet the royal family, have a road trip through the states of America or simple just immerse yourself in a different culture, Multicare mobility has listed some of the most wheelchair-friendly countries for your Summer adventures this year! Wheelchair world is a brilliant site where you can select a destination of your choice and the site will give you reviews for the levels of accessibility of the destination. Before we chose which countries would be best suited to a wheelchair user it is important to understand what makes a place accessible for the use of a wheelchair. If you would like more information on our wheelchairs please visit our website today.

What makes a place accessible for a wheelchair user?

An accessible plac...
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Stairlifts Carlisle

Stairlifts Carlisle

Are you searching for ‘Stairlifts Carlisle’? The Multicare engineers provide a spectacular stairlift service that is unique to you. Multicare provides stairlifts for all different types of stairs making the whole process easy for you. We will be there for you from the starting survey right through to the sales service. So, whether you’re looking for a brand new chairlift or if you are looking for a short term rental solution, we can help supply you the very best that Carlisle has to offer.If you would like more information on our bespoke stairlifts or would like any advice on which stairlift would be best suited to your home please get in touch with us today. We would be more than happy to help you explore our range of bespoke stairlifts or to talk about which stairlift would be best for you’re home. We will help you uncover your different options and how each stairlift can be beneficial to you depending on the mobility issues you have been experienc...
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Stairlifts Bradford

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Perfect Easily Accessible Mother’s Day Trips

Accessible Mother's Day Trips For Mothers Day 2019

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to take your gorgeous mother out for a special day to show her how much you appreciate her. Multicare Mobility has found some easy access day trips for you and your mother to enjoy this Mother’s Day.   

Save the Date! Mother’s Day 2019

 Accessible Mother's Day Trip Save the date! Mother’s day 2019 is on Sunday the 31st of March. We have found lots of easily accessible Mother’s Day trips for you to say thank you to your lifelong best friend. We want you to treat your wonderful mother and show her how much you love and appreciate her. Get involved with some of these fabulous days out for you and your family to enjoy and remember forever. Get in touch with Multicare mobility for any enquiries you may have on our website.   

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock.

 Blenheim Palace If your Mother loves history and nature Blenheim Palace has 300 years of history to discover! You and your mum could discover all...
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Stairlifts Lancashire

If you find ever yourself in need of something able to make your day-to-day life slightly easier, or you’re having difficulty moving up and down the stairs unassisted, we here at Multicare certainly have the ideal solution. We have the best stairlifts Lancashire has to offer, coming in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of individual needs and requirements, and we’re more than willing to listen to what you need in order to give you perfectly tailored stairlifts Lancashire-wide.From brand new stairlifts Lancashire to pre-used ones, Multicare can make sure that you get the stair lift you need. Even if you’re working on a bit of a budget, or your need for extra mobility and assistance is only temporary, we have rental schemes that offer incredible value as well! Coupled with easy payment options, it shouldn’t be hard to see why we’re the first choice for so many people in need of a little help!No matter what kind of stairlifts Lancashire that you require, our...
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Refurbished Colne Showroom

Over the past few months its been a busy period at our Colne superstore refurbishment work has taken place on both the inside and outside of the building. The major change is the exterior with new cladding and signage. Work has also taken place in the service department with work in the offices taking place on larger offices for our work staff.We are also excited to announce a new range of mobility products in the Colne showroom. The new exciting products feature a folding power chair and a electric folding mobility scooter. There is also new range of recliners for winter 2017 featuring the tilt in space pride recliner. Call in for fantastic offers on all our products from stairlifts to scooters.We are located on North Valley Road Colne BB8 9AG.North Valley Road BB8 9AG   
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Second Hand Success – Stairlift Services

Second-Hand-SuccessIf you’re looking for the very best stair lifts on the market but find yourself limited by your budget, you definitely don’t have to worry about settling for less when you invest in what we here at Multicare have to offer. Alongside our range of brand new stair lifts, we have a tremendous selection of used stairlifts and associated stairlift services expertly refurbished to such a degree that you’ll have a hard time believing they’re not completely brand new. Our second hand stair lifts offer you all of the reliability, security, comfort and success of any other stairlift, only you won’t have to break the bank to get that all important mobility installed in your home – especially with our incredible team on your side. As a leading provider of stairlift services and top quality second hand stair lifts, we’ve made sure that they’re highly trained professionals who know exactly how to provide maintenance, installation and more whenever you need it most. ...
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Our Top Team – Stairlift Services

 Our-Top-TeamOn the lookout for the right team to provide stairlift services you’ll never regret investing in? We here at Multicare believe in a job done right, and we’ve got a fantastic team of knowledgeable experts that are more than willing to help. We’re waiting to come and deliver the finest stair lifts and stairlift services no matter what your own individual requirement might be, with a highly experienced team that will never give less than one hundred percent when it comes to ensuring comfort and independence within your very own home. If you’re working on a budget, our team will even be more than able to supply you with something fantastic from our range of second hand, reconditioned stair lifts, featuring fantastic prices coupled with the same top quality that we’re known for. Our team isn’t just ready and willing to supply the incredible stair lifts found in our stock, of course! You’re sure to discover just how well our stairlift services can wo...
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Setting the Record Straight – Stairlift Services

Setting-the-Record-StraightThinking of getting your hands on a stairlift? We reckon there’s a few things you might have taken into account already, though you might not have known just how versatile top quality stairlifts can be. In much the same way, you might have a few worries, so we thought that we’d address just some of the most common ones to hopefully put your mind at ease! Size can often be a restricting or limiting factor when it comes to deciding whether or not your home can fit a stairlift, especially if you have a particularly narrow staircase, but you won’t have to worry if you choose Multicare to provide the ideal stairlift services. Our tremendous range of products includes everything from the largest, most heavy duty models to the smallest stairlifts, though making sure that all of our stairlifts are incredible versatile and compact is a dedication that we don’t take lightly. Cost is another worrisome aspect, as many people set a budget and ardently stick to it, but...
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