Wheelchair Friendly Countries For Summer 2019

Wheelchair friendly countries for Summer 2019

Would you like to spread your wings and visit some of the most beautiful countries in the world? There are some incredible places to visit which are accessible to anyone. Whether you want to head down under, meet the royal family, have a road trip through the states of America or simple just immerse yourself in a different culture, Multicare mobility has listed some of the most wheelchair-friendly countries for your Summer adventures this year!

Wheelchair world is a brilliant site where you can select a destination of your choice and the site will give you reviews for the levels of accessibility of the destination. Before we chose which countries would be best suited to a wheelchair user it is important to understand what makes a place accessible for the use of a wheelchair. If you would like more information on our wheelchairs please visit our website today.

What makes a place accessible for a wheelchair user?

An accessible place will have dropped curbs on pavements in central areas and will have wheelchair accessible public transport. There must be an abundance of disabled toilets as well as accessible cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and other places of interest. There should also be accessible accommodation with adapted rooms, rentable equipment, good resources from tourism offices and also regular availability of taxis.

With all of this in mind Multicare Mobility have found some of the most wheelchair accessible places for your holidays this Summer 2019;

Barcelona, Spain.


Barcelona in Spain is an extremely popular tourist destination and has made huge efforts to make the city as accessible as possible. Pavements and public transport are wheelchair accessible including the metro. Barcelona does, however, take it to a whole new level. There is a beach which is ideal for wheelchair users. The beach has wheelchair accessible walkways that reach all the way into the water. They also have a lifting crane and an assistance programme in which lifeguards support wheelchair users to get into the water.

There are beautiful places to visit such as Park Guell and Gaudi Sagrada Familia Church. Some of these places are not completely accessible but you can most certainly enjoy the architecture and the art.  

Berlin, Germany.


Germany is one country that has heavily invested in making its cities accessible for people with reduced mobility. Berlin received the EU City Access Award in 2013 awarded by the European Commission for its disability policy.  Berlin’s public transport is 100% accessible as well as an installed guidance system for disabled people crossing roads. Many of Berlins museums, restaurants, bars and theatres are all highly accessible. The most sought after tourist destinations you may want to visit are probably the Jewish Museum of Berlin and the Berlin Wall memorial which are all accessible attractions.

Sydney, Australia.


Sydney is the place to be when it comes to art, culture, design and cuisine. Australia as a whole has great access for all visitors. The cities public transport is very accessible with all trains being barrier-free for easy access. Most ferries are also accessible however this is dependant on particular tours. Most boats have ramp access to allow easy boarding.

Several buses around Sydney use kerbside kneeling technology and ramps. Sydney offers many amazing attractions to its tourists and a large number of these are accessible. The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney harbour bridge are two of the most famous and popular attractions in Sydney all have hearing loops as well as sign language interpreters for hearing impaired travellers.

Orlando, USA.


Orlando is also known as the House of the Mouse which is commonly known as Walt Disney world. Due to the huge amount of visitors the theme parks and museums are very wheelchair friendly. The hotels across the whole city are extremely accessible. The USA as a whole country has in place the Americans with Disabilities Act which provides guidelines and legal requirements for accessibility in public areas. The more modern side of the city provides buses and rail systems are wheelchair friendly whereas the older parts of Orlando may be slightly harder to navigate around. Tourist areas such as International Drive are very accessible. Orlando has family-friendly activities for everyone.

Bridgetown, Barbados.


The thought of a beach holiday can sound quite nervewracking for a wheelchair user but it really doesn’t have to be. The hotels in Barbados have become aware of this and have tried their hardest to make the Caribbean attractive to everyone. Some resorts around Barbados offer floating beach wheelchairs which can allow guests who experience issues with mobility to get into the gorgeous water. Harrisons Cave is accessible to everyone due to their accessible tram. Even St John’s Parish Church is accessible. Barbados is making progress with their Fully Accessible Barbados program to help tourist and citizens live with ease.

Vienna, Austria.


If you want to travel a little closer to home Austria could be the place for you. Their public transport is wheelchair friendly as well as the dropped curbs on the sidewalks allowing easy access. The restaurant, bar and cafes all have incredibly friendly staff who will anticipate that you are a wheelchair user and what needs you will require which will make you feel at ease and welcome where ever you end up.

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai.


Dubai is an extremely modern city and the vast majority of Dubai’s buildings, restaurants, and many attractions offer wheelchair accessibility. The Dubai International Airport is one of the best in the world in regard to accessibility. The airport offers special services to wheelchair users at passport control as well as accessible bathrooms throughout the airport.

The city itself offers accessible taxis managed by the Dubai Taxi Corporation. Due to the pure size of the city, the majority of the hotels also have disabled friendly rooms. In recent years the city has also built a modern metro that is barrier-free to help people connect to the airport.

Multicare Mobility

Travelling overseas can be a very intimidating idea but travelling is one of the most incredible experiences out there so try to embrace it! The countries and cities above are all wheelchair friendly but you should still be prepared to do some research when exploring other destinations. We want to encourage you not to be hesitant to travel, the internet is full of useful information that can put you at ease. Multicare Mobility is able to provide you with any more information you need about our wheelchairs or any concerns you have about travelling in general. Get in touch today on 08083017219.

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