Robust and Ready to Go – Chair Lifts


Looking for something a little heavy duty? Here at Multicare our chair lifts are well known for their reliability and powerful ability to get you where you need to go in a comfortable, safe and secure manner, but none of them can match the formidable lifting capability of our Heavy Duty chair lifts.


The Multicare name guarantees chair lifts which will perform exactly how you want them to, with reliability and safety being top priorities, but our Heavy Duty stairlift is the ideal way to ensure that you’ll be getting maximum performance if you need that little bit of extra strength to get your chair lifts taking where you need to go.


What’s more, even with the specific requirements addressed by our Heavy Duty chair lifts, you’ll find that every single model comes jam packed full of all the fantastic features found across our entire range of top quality chair lifts. This ensures that you’re guaranteed a convenient, easy to use experience that promises comfort and security thanks to innovative controls fully useable even by individuals with limited dexterity, and a compact fold-away solution that can tackle even the most strangely curved staircase styles.


There’s never been a better time to buy any of our chair lifts, and we’ll always strive to ensure you get nothing less than the very finest standards of customer service every time you require a top quality chair lift to keep you moving freely in the comfort of your own home. Don’t wait to give us a call!


After all, if you’re in need of chair lifts, but require something capable of handling more weight than the average lift, you’ll definitely be interested in the tremendous strength and dependability of our heavy duty stairlifts. We’re always ready to hear what you need and provide something truly special accordingly, so simply make sure you get in contact and our chair lifts will take care of the rest!




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