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Thinking of getting your hands on a stairlift? We reckon there’s a few things you might have taken into account already, though you might not have known just how versatile top quality stairlifts can be. In much the same way, you might have a few worries, so we thought that we’d address just some of the most common ones to hopefully put your mind at ease!


Size can often be a restricting or limiting factor when it comes to deciding whether or not your home can fit a stairlift, especially if you have a particularly narrow staircase, but you won’t have to worry if you choose Multicare to provide the ideal stairlift services. Our tremendous range of products includes everything from the largest, most heavy duty models to the smallest stairlifts, though making sure that all of our stairlifts are incredible versatile and compact is a dedication that we don’t take lightly.


Cost is another worrisome aspect, as many people set a budget and ardently stick to it, but that’s exactly why we strive to bring you the very best prices on all of the stairlifts in our stock. What’s more, our used and reconditioned stairlifts offer the chance to get your hands on all the top quality typically found in our range, only at a greatly reduced price that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.


Additionally, some companies charge for their stairlift services on top of the base price of the model, but we here at Multicare believe that you deserve nothing but the finest installation, maintenance, repair and more to go along with your brand new stairlift. Even in the unlikely event that your stairlift stops working, you’ll find that a fully qualified team of experts is ready and waiting to deal with even the most urgent emergencies.


Hopefully we’ve dispelled some common myths and mistakes that you might have had already, but if you’re not already sold on a stairlift, why not ask us directly?

For the very best stairlift services and an unbeatable range of products ready to deliver whatever you need, when you need it, make Multicare your first choice and you won’t regret it. You can find our full contact details on our website, and our team is always at the ready to answer any and all questions and queries that you might have regarding our full range of stairlifts and stairlift services. Why wait?

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