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The most common type of staircase in the modern home is a curved one, and despite the name this doesn’t mean that the stairs always have to feature a sharp turn. A staircase is still considered curved if there is no turn but there is a flat platform breaking the otherwise straight shape of the stairs, or if the curve in the stairs measures only a few steps. This is because even the slightest break necessitates a stairlift rail which can curve to provide a smooth, safe and secure ride, such as the one utilised by our Handicare stairlifts!


All of our Handicare stairlifts come packed full of features, including our innovative and robust controls that give anyone the ability to operate our stairlifts without issue. Even individuals who may be affected by limited dexterity will find any product from our Handicare stairlifts range easy and comfortable to use.


Reliability is something that we strive to ensure, too, with every one of our Handicare stairlifts operating to the highest standards in order to stay running for a long time to come. Our team is always on standby to guarantee you won’t be suffering at the hands of an unexpected breakdown, however unlikely, and you’ll find that just one call is all that’s needed to get a rapid repair and maintenance response. Why not invest in a regular schedule of maintenance to go with your brand new Handicare stairlifts?


Our stairlift services and Handicare stairlifts can transform your home into a highly comfortable and accessible environment for those struggling with their mobility, and we’re just waiting to hear from you.


If you’ve been on the lookout for the perfect mobility solution, we here at Multicare are sure that our Handicare starlifts could be the ideal thing for you. Have a browse through our full stock of stair lifts as soon as you can, and don’t wait to invest once you’ve found something perfect from our range of Handicare stairlifts. Our contact details can be found online.




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