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Here at Multicare, when it comes to the stairlift services we’re able to provide, one of the key features that sets our stairlifts apart from the rest lies with the features that we’ve managed to pack into each and every one of them. Even our best value, expertly refurbished mobility solutions are more than able to provide the utmost standards of reliability and practicality, in no small part because of the addition of a swivel seat and our very own stairlift services.


Now a swivel seat might not seem like much, but once you’ve experienced the advantages that they bring to our stairlifts, you’ll understand exactly why so many people come to us for our top quality stairlift services. Whether it’s manual or powered, you’ll be able to unlock a tremendous amount of space on your stairs even with a stairlift in place, so don’t wait to take a look at all the advantages and more on our website!


Of course, even the best stairlifts and mobility solutions require a fantastic standard of lift services such as maintenance and repairs to ensure that you achieve long lasting freedom, independence and ease of movement within your own home. The last thing you want to deal with is the risk of breakdowns or stoppages in your stairlift’s ability to take you comfortably across floors, after all, so don’t neglect to enlist the help of our stairlift services.


Next time you go looking for stairlift services perfect for providing a top quality, swivelling mobility solution and ensuring that it stays in pristine condition, just make Multicare your first choice and we’ll take care of the rest! Make sure you get in contact as soon as you can, as it’s as easy as picking up the phone or dropping us an online enquiry via email.




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