Bath Lifts

Bath Lifts

Our bath lifts allow for safe, convenient and easy entry into a bath

It’s often the case that many people who experience limitations in their day to day life on account of reduced mobility also experience difficulty when using their bath. This is where bath lifts can provide an invaluable helping hand, allowing you to once again sink down for a soak without having to experience discomfort, pain or otherwise.

A bath lift constitutes a powered seat which is located safely and securely inside of your bath, able to raise itself up and lower you into the warm water below where you’ll be more than able to relax and enjoy a stress-free soak.

We here at Multicare are specialists when it comes to guaranteeing anyone can maintain the highest levels of mobility and independence within the comfort of their own home, so we’re more than able to provide you with what you need if you’re looking to once again enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath without difficulty.

What’s more, we’ve packed every single one of our bath lifts with as many incredible features as possible, guaranteeing you something truly special to help you in your day to day life. Versatile seating, support rails and a compact design are just a few of those, though it depends on what sort of model you’re in need of. You’re sure to get your hands on bath lifts that are uniquely tailored to suit your needs best, however, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and let us know what you need us to provide.

We have a huge range of bath lifts ready and waiting to find a place in your home, so don’t wait to get in contact with our team as soon as possible. You’re guaranteed to discover a variety of styles and models to suit every detail of your individual situation, and our friendly, professional staff will always strive to ensure you’re left feeling completely satisfied with both our bath lifts and the service by which you can get your hands on them.